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Astore Valley

A very beautiful and most famous valley in the northern area of Pakistan is known as Astore valley which is also the capital of the Astore district in Gilgit – Baltistan province of Pakistan. The total distance of Islamabad to Astore is around about 495 km. You can visit Astore valley from Chitral in the summer season only, Because of snowfall this valley is closed for tourism and the local characters use local resources to proceed with their routine life. This valley is one of the most attractive and beautiful favorite destinations to travel for foreigners and Pakistani.

Most famous local visiting Places in Astore valley

A list of places that can be visited in Astore valley areas:
  • 1:Rupal base camp Astore
  • 2:Tarshing Astore Nanga Parbat viewpoint
  • 3:Rupal Astore
  • 4:Deosai bara pani
  • 5:Minimarg
  • 6:Rama Astore
  • 7:Qamri Astore
  • 8:Deosai Plains
  • 9:Rainbow lake Astore
  • 10Rama lake Astore

Hotels In Astore Valley

Astore valley is a medium-size valley like a town and also a remote area so that there are some good facilities are not available but for tourist the basic facilities as like staying, and food services points are common. There are many hotels in Astore valley which provide services for tourists and other visitors from the local area of the province. Some famous hotels are discussed below which you can book with at cheap rates.
  • 1:PTDC Rama Astore
  • 2:Kamran Hotels and Restaurant Astore
  • 3:Rama Midway Guest House Astore
  • 4:Kamran Hotel Astore
  • 5:Wazir Guest House Astore
  • 6:Wazir Mahal Hotel Astore

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Why it is imporatant to book Astore valley hotels in advance?

As everyone knows that Astore valley is a remote area and opened only in the summer season after March. Thousands of tourists visit Astore valley to explore its beauty each year in the summer season. So due to the increase in the number of tourists in Astore valley the availability of rooms in hotels becomes difficult. Due to this reason the advance hotel booking is very imporatant. iMusafir. pk is best to fulfill your this demand because provide hotels and rooms in advance at a reasonable rate according to the choice and budget of visitors. So, if you want to enjoy your tour to Astore valley so must book hotels in advance to avoid any hassle.