Dubai Visit Visa Rules for Pakistani Citizens Update 2022

Dubai Visit Visa Rules for Pakistani Citizens Update 2022

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Update: No more Show-Money is required at Dubai Airport.


There has been a recent change in Dubai Visit Visa Rules 2022 For Pakistani Citizens. Civil Aviation Authority under the pressure by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has issued new rules for Pakistanis Visiting UAE. This is done in order to meet the requirements by Pakistani Government and potentially exiting the FATF Grey List.

All of this change happened after receiving a query from a passenger at Dubai airport, the Consulate Staff visited the airport and found out that the UAE Immigration Authorities have stopped entry to around 80 Pakistani nationals at Dubai airport for multiple reasons.

A total 40 of them have been deported to Pakistan and rest are being sent back on various available fights. Immigration authorities have cited following reasons for their deportation:

  1. These passengers were holding visit visas had dummy return tickets
  2. The passengers were unable to show enough money to sustain in UAE Most of them have reportedly informed the UAE immigration authorities that they came to UAE for employment purposes, however, they were holding visit visas.

This Mission has requested UAE Immigration authorities to allow entry to Pakistani passport holders holding valid visas into UAE, however they have conveyed that entry of these passengers were denied because of above reasons (According to official Sources).

Ministry is requested to approach MOI/FIA for the following;

a) To educate Pakistani passengers desirous of working in UAE to acquire proper work visa

b) All of them should be holding valid return tickets

c) They should be having minimum amount of AED 5000/- in cash.

After this new rule, Pakistani Citizens Visiting UAE on Visit Visa are now required to have confirmed Return Tickets and must have a minimum of AED 5000 in order to receive entry. There’s also one thing to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which country you’re taking the flights from, if you have a Pakistani Passport, you must have return tickets and AED 5000 to gain entry into UAE.

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25 thoughts on “Dubai Visit Visa Rules for Pakistani Citizens Update 2022

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  2. Baber hussain Reply

    I am traveling from Pakistan to Dubai in visit visa in next week please proper guide me for this purpose I Will be thankful to you.

    1. admin Post authorReply

      Sure. it is a confirmed rule by Dubai immigration, applies only to Pakistani Passport Holders, doesn’t matter which country you’re coming from, you still need to have 5000AED if you have a green passport.
      for further information, please WhatsApp us @ 03005889022

  3. AZMAT HAYAT Reply

    Sir I want my mother visit me so she also carry 5000 cash for what I have villa in fujhera we all brother working in fujhera we have work visa also if I want my mother come on visit to see me what she required I don’t want she’s old lady u deport from airport please guide me what to do now ?

    1. admin Post authorReply

      the rule applies only to Visit Visa, if your mother can have work related VISA, then 5000 AED are not required

  4. Niat Reply

    is there any other option accept AED 5000, This is not good for pakistani poor people

    1. admin Post authorReply

      yes i agree, but this step was taken because hundreds of Pakistanis were going dubai on visit visa and then started begging due to which they took this step

    1. admin Post authorReply

      it’s introduced by UAE Immigration and not by Dubai particularly, but still, you can get a chance from other states without show money

  5. Eman Reply

    If I have return ticket but I don’t have 5000 aed then I go easily for vacation?

  6. Faraz Reply

    We are family of 2 adults and 2 kids(5 and 8 yrs). How much money we need to have ?

  7. Rafey Reply

    What if we are travelling as a family of 5 people. One of them is 2 and half year old child.

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  9. Aaq Reply

    Is this still applicable for Pakistani passport going to tourist visas?

  10. Yasir Aftab Reply

    AoA sir can we enter dubai with 3000aed from pakistan?

    1. admin Post authorReply

      no need to show money now. you can take any amount you want

    1. admin Post authorReply

      Yes sir, now you can enter even without AED (NO-ShowMoney any more)

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