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Top 3 Neelum Valley Hotels with Room Prices

# List of Hotels in Neelum Valley Location Price
1 Jagran Resort Kutton Neelum Valley Kutton 3500
2 State Continental Hotel, Kutton, Neelum Valley Kutton 5000
3 Green Village Resort Keran, Upper Neelum Upper Neelum 9000

Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is a very beautiful and amazing piece of the earth like heaven on earth. It is also a district of Pakistan-administrated Azad state Jammu and Kashmir. It has two tehsil 1.Athmuqam and 2.Sharda. It´s headquartered in Athmuqam. Neelum valley is a very famous and attractive tourist destination all over the world and in Pakistan. Thousands of tourists visit Neelum valley each year in the summer season for entertainment with their friends, families, and relatives. The people in Neelum valley are very kind-hearted and hospitable. Neelum valley is located in the North and northeast of Muzaffarabad which is the capital of Azad Kashmir territory. Neelum valley started 20 km from Muzaffarabad. Neelum valley has many LOC points between Pakistan and India. There are many beautiful and attractive places in Neelum valley for tourism. There are also tourist stay points made by the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The special tourist POLICE also available for help in any emergency with tourists.
SCO a special communication organization work for providing call and internet service in Neelum valley. The road is almost metallic very comfortable for driving. There also banks, markets, post offices, and many colleges and universities in Neelum valley which may private or may governmental. Lush green forest with deodar trees and many species of Taxus can be found abundantly in Neelum valley. There are many types of medicinal plants and herbs also found in Neelum valley which can be used in different pharmaceutical industries to increase the current GDP of the country.

Most Visiting Places In Neelum Valley

There are many tour destination in Neelum valley for tourists which are discover yet now but some many other very beautiful places also can be found which are not approachable due to unavailability of road and or transportation. Some very attractive and most visiting places in Neelum Valley are as below:

  • 1.Dhani Noseri Waterfalls
  • 2.Neelum Jehlum
  • Hydro Electric Power Project Point
  • 3.Chilhena / Titwal LOC sector
  • 4.Kutton Jagran Valley
  • 5.Kutton Colony
  • 6.Kutton Waterfall
  • 7.Keran upper and lower
  • 8.Upper Neelum
  • 9.Baboon Valley
  • 10.Ratti Gali
  • 11.Sharda Neelum Vaaley
  • 12.kel/ Arrang Kel
  • 13.Chitta Katha lake
  • 14.Toabutt

Hotels in Neelum Valley

There are many hotels and restaurants which provide residency and food for visitors. You can book these hotels and restaurants at cheap rates with a popular company named Some most famous hotels in Neelum valley are as follows:
  • 1.Green Village Resorts
  • 2.Keran Resort By Valley Tracker
  • 3.Pine Park Lodge Keran
  • 4.Midway Lodge Neelum
  • 5.Kutton Jagran Resort
  • 6.Keran Motels
  • 7.Keran Resort Neelum Valley
  • 8.Keran High land Resort
  • 9.Paradise Hotel Keran Neelum Valley
  • 10.Jagran Resort
  • 11.Kashmir Lodge Sharda
  • 12.Sharda Highland Hotel
  • 13.Shangrila Sharad Resort
  • 14.Elysium Inn Guest House
  • 15.The Lodge
  • 16. Wadi Resort
  • 17.Musk Deer Resort
  • 18.Gillani Hotel
  • 19.Adventure Island Guest House
  • 20.Gurez Retreat
  • 22.The Wood Vibes
  • 23.Kaka Palace Guest House And Hotel
  • 24.Valley Tracker Guest House Keran

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