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Kumrat is a hidden gem nestled in the Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Known for its scenic beauty, lush green forests, and snow-capped peaks, Kumrat has emerged as a popular tourist destination in recent years. If youre planning a trip to Kumrat, there are various tour packages available to cater to your needs. The Kumrat tour package offers a 5-day trip to Kumrat, providing an excellent opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the region. The package includes transportation, accommodation, and meals, making it a hassle-free experience for tourists. With this package, you can visit various places in Kumrat, including the Panjkora river, Jahaz Banda, and Kalkot. Tour to Kumrat Valley: A place that you must visit


Concealed in the paradisiac place that is known for Upper Dir District in KPK, the valley of Kumrat is inarguably one of the most picturesque valleys on this planet. It is a supernatural place where there are cascades, rich green fields, freshwater springs, goliath mountains, quick streaming spouting waterways, and quiet lakes. The land is overwhelmed by the vegetation of Deodar Trees. The spot is additionally considered as a part of perhaps the best spot to visit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Inferable from its monstrous normal excellence, Kumrat is regularly named paradise on earth by numerous who visit. Outdoors, blaze, drifting, journeying, climbing; this spot offers all that an experienced searcher searches for while voyaging. Kumrat Valley in Upper Dir is the most delightful grand valley in Pakistan. Its magnificence is incomparable however numerous vacationers are as yet unconscious of this picturesque spot. Nonetheless, presently this pattern supposedly is expanded. Kumrats excellence is because of its thrilling mountain ranges, streaming streams, monster cascades, and cool climate. Its River Panjkora fills in as the cherry on the highest point of the cake regarding magnificence. Its Badge top is another delightful spot best for an excursion with the family. Its climate is exceptionally tranquil and the excellence of nature is seen at full sprout here.

Tourism of Kumrat Valley

As another vacationer location, the travel industry framework is fundamental right now. Fundamental to Standard level lodgings are accessible in Thal town, which is the significant town in Upper Dir and is roughly 400 kilometers and around 8 to 9 hours’ drive from Islamabad in a private vehicle. Streets are developed to the Thal town and from Thal forward to Kumrat and Jahaz Banda, the territory is open through rough terrain track reasonable for 4×4 vehicles. Past Thal, in Kumrat backwoods, and the Jahaz Banda, outdoors offices are accessible on lease however just in June, July, August, and September.

How to get to Kumrat Valley?

As we previously referenced the valley of Kumrat is situated in KPKs Upper Dir District so while arriving you will encounter a blend of covered streets and under-development dusty pathways. The nearest town to the valley is Thall. Thus, to arrive at Kumrat from any city in Pakistan, you first need to get to the town of Thall, which is broadly known as the passage to the valley. Outing coordinators to Kumrat regularly use it as a starting point. From Thall, you need to take the course of Uttar Road, which is an exciting ride of exciting bends in the road because of the uneven scene of the area. While going from Kalam in Swat Valley to a bazaar in Uttar, an unassuming community in KPK, you can enlist a mutual taxi, the expense of which is PKR 150-200 for every individual. Nonetheless, from Uttar Bazaar to Thall, you need to take a 4X4 Jeep, which will likewise be shared by different travelers, costing you PKR 500 for each individual. At last, to get to your objective, you need to employ a jeep; this time a private one with a driver that will cost you somewhere near PKR 2000-4000, contingent upon the season and the climate.

Where to stay in Kumrat Valley? (Hotels)

Why go to inns in Kumrat Valley when you can go through a late evening outdoors? All things considered, this spot offers two alternatives for an overnight remain, you can either recruit a camp that is modest somewhere near PKR 200 every night or you can go for the choice of inns in Kumrat Valley. The cost of lodging for each night begins from as low as PKR 2000. These rates may likewise shift during the pinnacle period of the travel industry that comes two times per year during summers and winters.

1. Swat Serena Hotel

The package is 27,335 PKR. At Swat Serena Hotel we cling to the highest caliber of care and solace for our visitors. They have executed an exhaustive reaction plan for Covid-19 with industry-driving conventions and SOPs for the tidiness of offices, visitor care, and work environment security. This incorporates: • Training of all staff levels in cleanliness and work environment cooperation’s to uphold wellbeing and social separating • COVID-19 Prevention Plan arranged by our in-house Health Clinic • Temperature screening and wellbeing request structure for guests • Disinfection and cleaning of every single basic territory and visitor things • Provision of covers and hand sanitizers to visitors • Ensuring safe distance in all visitor connections • Discontinuation of all paper things like papers and presentation of advanced menus • 24-hour isolate of the room after use They permit an adaptable time-frame of 24 hours for any reserving change or scratch-off. They are intently checking the circumstance and adjusting our approaches keeping the government assistance of our visitors and staff as our most extreme need.

2. F R Darya E Swat Hotel and Restaurant

The package is 5,490 PKR. The biggest quality of this restaurant is the hospitability. The people part of the restaurant is friendly. The atmosphere within the hotel is fantastic. There is a provision of air-condition and heaters depending upon the weather. There are services in case of emergency as well if somebody’s health deteriorates.

3. River Palace Hotel

The package is 4,490 PKR. It is located on the Bypass road. In comparison to the first two restaurants mentioned above, this restaurant has affordable package fee which ensures that we have a large number of people staying at the Kumrat Valley.

4. City Star Hotel

The package is 3,290 PKR. In all the 5 hotels mentioned, City Star Hotel has the most affordable prices. A total of 3 people can stay in the rest house. The 3 people include 2 adults and a child. It is 39.5 miles from the Kumrat Valley. The best prices ensures that most of the people stay at the City Star Hotel.

5. Moon Palace Hotel Mingora

The package is 3,490 PKR. It has the second most affordable price after the City Star Hotel. It is 40.4 miles from the Kumrat Valley. Places to visit in the Kumrat Valley Regardless of whether you have been to this eminent spot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we wager you havent seen the entirety of its vacation destinations. There are in a real sense many spots to see in Kumrat Valley. Wooden Canals, Dojanga, Panjkora River, Waterfall in Jahaz Banda, Do Kala Chasma, Badagoi Pass, Chahrot Banda, Trek to Katara Lake, Jandrai Village are the absolute most wonderful spots around there to refer to in such a manner. Kumrat offers an assortment of attractions to its guests like mountaineering, traveling, and rock ascending. You can likewise live in a headquarters around Katara lake which is extremely celebrated because of its slobbering magnificence. It is at a height level of 11,800 ft.

1. Jahaz Banda

Jahaz Banda likewise spelled and articulated as Jazz Banda is a tremendous and lovely knoll in Kumrat Valley. It is at a risk level of 3100 meters over the ocean. The green fields, snow thick mountains, and tall transcending trees improve the excellence of this spot. You should remain for the night at Jahaz Banda glades, its a lovely and tranquil spot. One can discover convenience effectively by then (Tents and Wooden Rooms) are accessible. Next morning you should begin early and if you dont have the foggiest idea about the environmental factors employ a guide/watchman for a significant insignificant passage. Whats more, on the off chance that you cant travel simply recruit a pony it would take you very close to the lake in around (2000) roundtrip.

2. Panjkora River

Panjkora river or waterway is another hypnotizing perspective in Kumrat Valley. Its new and clear water makes everybody paralyzed. This waterway is the most celebrated point for fishing like trout’s fishing. It is a characteristic living space for some species. If you visit to the Kumrat Valley, you must go to the Panjkora River. The river has a beautiful landscape enriched with memories to remember. You can save memories in your mind or can take snaps from your mobile phone.

3. Do Kala Chashma

Its excellence is simply unexplainable, discussing which we cannot miss the Do Kala Chasma. They are two water streams streaming corresponding to one another in the wonderful valley encompassed by colossal pinnacles and graveled land. The beautiful magnificence is entrancing.

4. Kotara Lake

Katora Lake is a high cold lake situated in the upper scopes of Jahaz Banda, Kumrat valley in Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the Province of Pakistan. The lake is taken care of by the encompassing softening ice sheet waters. The lake is enormous and snow-covered mountains were covering it from all sides. At the lake, it is extremely unlikely to camp, so whoever drops by, must trip back to Jahaz Banda or Jandrai. The overflow of the lake is puzzling, it isnt something, which is normally framed, and by my perception, the water advanced out of the lake by finding the most appropriate course. Energized and flabbergasted, you can stay there for several hours sparing recollections; some can be spared as the main priority and some can be shot for offering to every individual who is intrigued.

5. Jandrai Village

At Jandrai, Raja Taj Muhammad who is the essential contact for all vacationers and adventurers visiting the territory gives direction and help to the sightseers. If you are wanting to visit Kumrat valley, he is the principal individual you should converse with. Raja Taj is a fascinating individual who doesnt let you get drilled or vacant through his persistent talk and accommodation. He has got this neighborhood gallery worked at Jandrai displaying stuff having a place with his ancestors going from firearms to stuffed chased species and garments. This is a serious site to visit in one of the distant zones of Kumrat valley. Raja has set up a couple of visitor rooms at both the historical center and his home, to give essential convenience to the adventurers. which is for sure a treat to discover for travelers. He has additionally got a hovel worked at Jahaz Banda glades where there are two or three rooms set up. These visitor rooms are not lavish, but rather given the conditions and distance of the region, they become an extravagance for adventurers. Raja can orchestrate doormen and other traveling necessities as mentioned.

6. Badogai Pass

A notice here that should be featured is the Badagoi Pass. The excellent section encompassed by green-covered rough mountains interfaces the Kumrat with Kalam Valley. The peacefulness and tranquility of Kumrat valley truly float to you a different universe. Whatever the eye sees looks simply like a fantasy succession. One can simply not get enough of the magnificence. As Kumrat is a less investigated place of interest, individuals should visit Kumrat to observe its exceptionality. Weather in the Kumrat Valley Mists overwhelm the skies in the valley of Kumrat during the most season. The spot encounters weighty precipitation during the period of a rainstorm. Additionally, it can get incredibly cold and blanketed during winters. The climate in Kumrat Valley remains wonderful nearly consistently, which makes it probably the best spot to visit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kumrat is a lovely spot in summers and in winters to travel. Its summers are somewhat cool with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius while the winters are freezing because of substantial snowfall. It likewise gets hefty precipitation and the climate conditions become very capricious in rainstorms and winters. Conclusion All things considered, everything about the delightful valley of Kumrat will make you go gaga for it. In the interim, if you are a no-nonsense travel nerd, at that point, you ought to likewise look at one of our past web journals in which we have recorded down probably the coolest places of interest in Pakistan that the majority of the explorers didnt think about. Additionally, you may likewise need to investigate our point by point travel direct on Swat Valley, which is another mainstream vacationer location in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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5 Beautiful Destinations in Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is one of the scenic and beautiful valleys of the KPK and the best destination to stop and enjoy natures real beauty. It is covered with snowy mountains, green pastures, foggy nights, and beautiful forests. Mostly, international tourists travel from different areas of the world to visit Kumrat valley and enjoy the Kumrat valleys pleasant weather. Many engaging activities are for tourists like Camping, trout fishing, trekking, etc. 5 beautiful places to visit in Kumrat Valley Jahaz Banda Panjkora River Do Kala Chasma Katora Lake Kumrat Water Fall Jahaz Banda Pass Jahaz Banda is at an elevation of 3100m from sea level. The distance of Jahaz banda from the Kumrat valley is about 17.6 km. It is a lush green station surrounded by snow-clad mountains, pine trees, and covered by green pastures. This place is best for some experienced hiking tourists who want to make adventurous by a strenuous hiking trek. Panjkora River Panjkora river is located at a distance of 59km from Kumrat Valley and in the north of KPK. It is famous for its archaeology importance as it contains Gandhara grave culture. This lake is the natural habitat of many sea species, and fishing is the reason for most tourists. Also, its cold and freshwater are an astonishing thing for foreign tourists. Do Kala Chashma Do Kala Chashma is famous for its gushing river flows in between the black mountains. This is also the reason for its name as "Do Kala Chashma." The magnificent beauty of this place attracts tourists. It takes approximately 1.5 hours drive to reach Kumrat as the road is rough, so better to rent a jeep and a local driver. Katora Lake Katora lake, the word means (in Pashto) "bowl." It was named because the lake shape is just like a bowl. This lake is accessible through trekking of 2-4 hours from Jahaz banda meadows. But trekking to Katora lake is a bit difficult due to the hurdles of big stones on the way. The lake is surrounded by melting glacier waters. Kumrat Water Fall The waterfall in Kumrat is a hidden gem, as many people still dont know about it. It is located at a short distance, and this waterfall is an added beauty to the charm of the Kumrat valley. As it is not far away, but still taking a local guide with you. Once you get there, you will enjoy the roaring of water and a sun piercing combination. Things to Do in Kumrat Valley If you are fond of waterfalls, then this place is for you. You can enjoy a beautiful and amazing waterfall because there are many waterfalls in this stunningly beautiful place. Some other major tourists attraction include in this valley is to visit Jahaz banda meadows, Do Kala Chashma, trekking towards Katora lake, waterfalls, rivers, Camping, cooking, enjoy the breathtaking views, and a lot more. Are you planning your visit to Kumrat valley? iMusafir.pk offers customized tour packages. Kumrat tour packages-customize and book tour packages in Kumrat and find the best deals on Kumrat Holiday Tour packages. Book Kumrat Tour Packages on cheap rates through iMusafir.pk from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore Pakistan. We offer tours, transfers, visas, tickets, 3 star, 4 star, 5 star accommodation (Hotels) and Transportation for Kumrat tour. Find best deals on hotels in Kumrat. People usually book this 4 days Kumrat Tour through us.
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