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Trip Packages to Singapore and Thailand from Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore)

Located to the south of Malaysia, Singapore is known for its glitz and glamour. Often described as one of the cleanest and most orderly cities in the world, the island city-state is also undoubtedly one of the worlds most popular visitor destinations. It is a small but prosperous island nation that has a lot to offer when it comes to quality of life and individual growth. ... Safe and secure environment – One of the things that is rare to any other country in Asia is the safe and secure environment that the Singapore offers. Singapore is the only island city-state of Southeast Asia. Visited by travelers from across the continents, Singapore tour packages facilitate them to enjoy tourist attractions, tasty food, a lively nightlife, and good shopping options at pocket-friendly rates.

Its rich cultural and natural heritage brings out the best of Singapore. And, that’s what makes this hub of exquisite tourist attractions and marvelous bunch of experiential things one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is an ideal place for couples, families and friends who are on the lookout for adventure, culture and delicious food. Singapore is indeed a good combination of all the exciting features we look for while choosing a destination. It is the place where dreams come true for travellers. The shopping venues give vibrant options for tourists who are interested in shopping for cheap prices. The best Singapore travel packages from Pakistan can be found on Gear up for an ultimate holiday experience with a tour to this beautiful place fringed with many tourist attractions that make it even more memorable.

Trip Packages to Thailand

Located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country of mountains, hills, plains and a long coastline along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, including some 400 islands, most of them in the Andaman Sea Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, seeing over 35 million travelers annually. Some of the most iconic attractions include the stunning islands in the south, the diverse street food scene in Bangkok, and the thousands of temples scattered across the country.

Over the past 2 decades, Thailand has emerged as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. What could be the reasons that people love to travel to this exotic destination? It could be the tranquil beaches, exotic cuisine, magnificent temples and scenery, colourful history, or cultural and archaeological sites Thailand is not just famous for its tropical beaches but is also famed for its amazing rural locations that cater extremely well for tourists despite seemingly being in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are looking for somewhere quiet to stay or a rural adventure, you can easily find accommodation and tours.

Thailand is often referred to as “The Land of Smiles.” It got this nickname because in Thailand, a smile is much more than just a smile…it is a form of subtle interpersonal-messaging. There are at least 13 different smiles that a Thai person may use, each one having a very specific meaning. So don’t just wait and browse economical yet amazing Trip Packages to Thailand fom Pakistan on and create lifelong memories with us.


About Singapore:

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island country and city-state in Southeast Asias maritime region. It is located about one degree north of the equator (137 kilometres or 85 miles) off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, bordering the Malacca Strait to the west, the Singapore Strait to the south, the South China Sea to the east, and the Johor Straits to the north. The countrys territory is made up of one main island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and one outlying islet; the combined area of these has grown by 25% since independence due to extensive land reclamation projects. It has the worlds third highest population density.
Singapore has four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil, in recognition of the need to respect the cultural identities of the nations major ethnic groups. English is the lingua franca, and many public services are only available in English. Multiculturalism is written into the constitution and influences national policies in education, housing, and politics. Singapore has a millennium of history, beginning as a maritime emporium known as Temasek and later as a major constituent part of several successive thalassocratic empires. Its modern era began in 1819, when Stamford Raffles established Singapore as a British Empire entrepôt trading post. The Southeast Asian colonies were reorganised in 1867, and Singapore became directly under British control as part of the Straits Settlements. Singapore was occupied by Japan during WWII and returned to British control as a separate crown colony following Japans surrender in 1945. Singapore gained self-government in 1959 and joined the new Malaysian federation in 1963, along with Malaya, North Borneo, and Sarawak.
After experiencing early turbulence due to a lack of natural resources and a hinterland, the country quickly developed to become one of the Four Asian Tigers based on international trade and economic globalisation, integrating itself into the world economy through free trade with minimal-to-no trade barriers or tariffs, export-oriented industrialization, and a large accumulation of received foreign direct investments, foreign-exchange reserves, and assets held by sovereign governments. It is a developed country that ranks 11th on the UN Human Development Index and has the worlds second-highest GDP per capita (PPP). Singapore is the only country in Asia with a AAA sovereign credit rating from all major rating agencies, making it a tax haven.

Places to visit in Singapore:

1 Marina Bay Sands:
The opulent Marina Bay Sands resort complex includes a high-end luxury hotel, a mall with a canal running through it, the ArtScience Museum, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck, which provides panoramic views of the city. The Skyparks viewing deck and infinity pool are located on the hotels ship (yes, ship). The infinity pool is only available to hotel guests, but anyone can visit the observation deck.
2 Gardens by the Bay:
You wont be able to stay away once youve seen this beautifully designed green space (perhaps from the top of the Marina Bay Sands). Wander through the Bay East Garden, which is ideal for admiring the vibrant plant life and temporarily escaping the city bustle.
3 Botanic Gardens:
The Botanic Gardens, not to be confused with the Gardens on the Bay, are also worth a visit. Singapores botanical gardens were nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status for good reason. The city can feel like a concrete jungle at times, albeit a clean and comfortable one, but the botanic gardens preserve remnants of Singapores wilder heritage.
4 Singapore Zoo:
The Singapore Zoo, which bills itself as the worlds best rainforest zoo, is a pretty impressive place. The facility is clean and welcoming, and the animals appear to be well-cared for, with plenty of lush vegetation and habitat space.
5 Orchard Road:
Because Singapore is a world-class city for style and designer chic, one could be forgiven for visiting and doing nothing but shopping. Because there are high-end stores at every turn, the Orchard Road area is a great place to start a shopping spree. Nothing less would be expected from a neighbourhood with 22 malls and six department stores. There are also four movie theatres, including an IMAX, and a KTV karaoke bar.
6 Singapore Flyer:
If the Marina Bay Sands observation deck does not do it for you, try high tea while looking out over the city from the Singapore Flyer, the worlds largest giant observation wheel. Choose from a variety of packages that allow you to be served and pampered while admiring a view that includes not only the Singapore skyline but also the Spice Islands of Indonesia and Malaysias Johor Strait.
7 Raffles hotel Singapore:
This colonial structure is one of the worlds last grand nineteenth-century hotels, and it has hosted literary luminaries such as Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad, as well as movie star Charlie Chaplin.
8 Chinatown:
If you ve ever been to China, Singapores Chinatown neighbourhood will transport you back there. This district is buzzing with activity, from small mom-and-pop shops and authentic Chinese food to bright red lanterns. You can see the impressive and beautiful Sri Mariamman Hindu temple at the Chinese Heritage Centre.
9 Sentosa Island:
Singapore is not exactly known for its beaches, but if you are looking for some fun in the sun, Sentosa Island is the place to go. Siloso Beach is a great place to spend time at the beach, and visitors can enjoy free volleyball courts, kayaking, and skimboarding. There are several other beach attractions, as well as an aquarium where you can swim with dolphins called Underwater World.
10 Clarke Quay:
Clarke Quay, the "centre of commerce during the nineteenth century," lives up to its reputation as a bustling hub. Today, it has a more polished lustre, so visitors can happily head to Clarke Quay for an evening of waterfront dining and entertainment after a long day of shopping on Orchard Road.

Hotels in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Ibis budget Singapore emerald
The Great Madras by Hotel Calmo
Furama River Front

Places to Eat:

White Grass Restaurant
Restaurant Ibid
Les Amis


Singapore Changi Airport
Jewel Changi Airport
Seletar Airport
Paya Lebar Airbase


About Malaysia:

Malaysia arose from the Malay kingdoms, which became subject to the British Empire in the 18th century, along with the British Straits Settlements protectorate. In 1946, Peninsular Malaysia was unified as the Malayan Union. Malaya was reorganised as the Federation of Malaya in 1948, and it gained independence on August 31, 1957. On September 16, 1963, independent Malaya merged with the then-British crown colonies of North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. Singapore was expelled from the federation and became a separate independent country in August 1965.
Malaysia has evidence of modern human habitation dating back 40,000 years. The Malay Peninsula s first inhabitants are thought to have been Negritos. Indian and Chinese traders and settlers arrived in the first century AD, establishing trading ports and coastal towns in the second and third centuries. Their presence resulted in strong Indian and Chinese influences on local cultures, and the Malay Peninsula adopted Hinduism and Buddhism as religions. Sanskrit inscriptions first appear in the fourth or fifth centuries. The Kingdom of Langkasuka arose in the northern Malay Peninsula around the second century and lasted until the 15th century.

Places to visit in Malaysia:

1 Petronas Twin Towers:
This famous world s tallest towers attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world who come to witness its sheer magnificence. The towers inside serve as the headquarters for Malaysia s national petroleum company, making it one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur. Both buildings are 88 stories tall and identical in design and appearance. The main attraction here is the Sky Bridge, which connects the 41st and 42nd floors and allows people to travel between them.
2 Langkawi Cable Ride:
This cable car, also known as a sky cab, is one of the most incredible attractions on the famous and tranquil Langkawi Island. It provides a panoramic view because it connects the oriental village of Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Machinchang and is also the location of Langkawi s ropeway sky bridge. The ride journey gradually ascends the steep slope, reaching a maximum slope of 45 degrees Celsius. This thrilling ride will take you through some of the most breathtaking views of lush greenery and the endless sea.
3 Menara Kualalumpur Tower:
This sky-touching tower is the world s seventh tallest freestanding structure and one of Malaysia s most popular tourist attractions. This location successfully adds to Malaysia s beautiful skyline and demonstrates why it is one of the world s most modern urban destinations. The building is used as a telecommunications office on the inside and is known for being the fourth highest tower of its kind in the world.
4 Sunway lagoon Theme Park:
This is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day in Malaysia. Cool off by visiting this theme park and having a good time. A great place to visit if you are travelling with children and want to have a vacation of a lifetime. This magnificent park is based on several adventure experiences such as a water park, amusement park, wildlife park, and scream park and has over 80 different attractions spread across an area of 88 acres.
5 Tunku Abdul rehman National Park:
This one-of-a-kind park is spread across five different islands and is home to some of the most incredible adventures you can imagine. You can have a good time here by participating in the fun beach activities and other adventure water sports. You can take the ferries between the islands and have a great time seeing nature in its purest form.
6 Melaka Historic City:
If you are the type of traveller who enjoys feeling like they are a part of the place they are visiting, a visit to Melaka s historic city should be on your list. Temples, heritage centres, museums, jewellery shops, spas, rivers, and monuments highlight the cultural and traditional aspects of the area. The vibe is very pure here, and the presence of historic cathedrals makes it one of the best UNESCO world heritage sites in the world.
7 Islamic Arts Museum:
This incredible arts museum, known for being the largest Islamic art museum in South East Asia, first opened its doors to the public in 1988. With approximately 7,000 artefacts and 12 different galleries, this location is completely divided into different groups based on their levels. This play, in addition to displaying Chinese, Indian, and Islamic architecture, includes a number of textiles, jewellery, ceramic works, and armour, among many other objects and artefacts.
8 Aquaria KLCC:
This place is a true tourist attraction in Malaysia, known for being the world s largest aquarium and home to over 5,000 marine and freshwater creatures. Tiger sharks, coral fishes, sea snakes, blue rays, and other major water attractions can be found here. It takes you through tunnels that are covered on all sides with live fish, allowing you to get a closer look at them.
9 Baku National Park:
The oldest national park in Sarawak, this naturally beautiful national park is home to some of the most diverse wildlife populations. The rainforest ecosystem here allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife, which includes macaque monkeys, Langurs, monitor lizards, flying squirrels, and other species. A visit here will undoubtedly be worth every second of your time because the experience is unparalleled anywhere in the world.
10 Cameron Islands:
If you want to explore Malaysia s hilly scenic beauty, the Cameron Highlands are the place to go. The green undulating hills and pollution-free environment in the midst of nature will be rejuvenating. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowd, this is the place to be. A visit here is a must, with everything from mossy forests and pilgrimage sites to tea estates and lavender gardens.

Hotels in Malaysia:

Hilton Garden Inn Kuala lumpur Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rehman South
Hotel Olympic Malaysia
Hotel Transit Kuala lumpur
Dorsett Hartamas Kuala lumpur

Places to eat in Malaysia:

Beta KL
Bijan Bar and Restaurant


Kuala lumpur international airport
Kuching International Airport
Malacca international Airport
Labuan Airport


About Thailand:

Thailand is known for its Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking islands. It is also well-known for its fascinating history, distinct culture, and delectable local cuisine. The tourism industry is vital to the Thai economy, accounting for an estimated 18.4 percent of the national GDP.

Places to visit in Thailand:

1 Chiang Mai:
Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Beautiful mountainous landscapes and an Old City full of historical temples, such as Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang, await you here. Travel outside of the city to Doi Suthep temple for panoramic views of the city. Chiang Mai s night markets are also a must-see, so make time to visit the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar (one of Thailand s oldest and most well-known night bazaars). And, whatever you do, make time to visit Elephant Nature Park to rest and relax with Thailand s gentle giants.
2 Bangkok:
The capital city of Thailand is nothing short of thrilling. The city has a hearty mix of big-city bustle and modern sights like the Jim Thompson House, as well as ancient attractions like Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace. Just remember to bring modest clothing when visiting sacred sites, or you won t be admitted. While in Bangkok, be sure to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of the world s largest street markets, and eat at some of the city s more than 300,000 street food stalls (some Michelin starred). Explore the rooftop bar scene at night to take in the skyline.
3 Phuket:
Phuket is Thailand s largest and most popular tourist destination. The island attracts visitors with its many palm-fringed beaches and low travel costs, which include everything from food to hotels. Visit the well-known Patong Beach, party the night away in the Patong district, or travel inland to Phuket Old Town to experience more local culture and find more affordable lodging options. Take a long-tail boat tour to other islands in the area to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive to round out your once-in-a-lifetime experience.
4 Trang:
Trang s secluded beaches and beautiful islands have made it a popular tourist destination. The dramatic surroundings (think lush jungles and limestone mountains) contrast beautifully with the white sands and crystal-clear waters of the beaches. You could spend days island hopping and seeing everything Trang has to offer. Snorkeling around Ko Kradan, swimming to a hidden beach cave on Ko Muk, and wandering through Thung Khai Botanical Garden are all popular activities. After you ve had your fill of sun and sand, visit one of Trang s ten districts to learn about Thai culture.
5 Railay Beach:
Railay Beach has four beautiful stretches of sand for you to sink your toes into. Railay West and Phra Nang Beach are two of the most popular beach destinations on the peninsula, with luxury resorts, soft sand, and jaw-dropping views of limestone cliffs. Tonsai Beach is more relaxed and affordable due to its quieter, more remote location. Meanwhile, Railay East, while not ideal for swimming, is home to some of the area s best nightlife establishments. Whatever beaches you visit, you ll have access to some of Thailand s best rock climbing spots, as well as various walking paths and coral reefs.
6 Ayutthaya:
Those interested in Thai history should make their way to Ayutthaya. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed city, which was once the thriving capital of Siam (Thailand s historical name), is crammed with monasteries, temples, statues, and archaeological ruins. The most important Buddhist structures in the country are said to be Bang Pa-In Palace, Wat Lokaya Sutha, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, and Wat Chaiwatthanaram. After learning about Ayutthaya s history, visit Ayothaya Floating Market to buy souvenirs and eat.
7 Phang Nga:
Despite being devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, Phang Nga has recovered and rebuilt. During the cool (though still relatively hot) dry season (November to February), tourists flock to the province to visit protected areas such as Mu Ko Surin National Park, one of Thailand s best diving destinations. Hiking and snorkelling are also great ways to explore while admiring the natural beauty of southern Thailand. Before you leave, make time to visit Ao Phang-Nga National Park, which is known for its caves, emerald green waters, and the picturesque James Bond Island.
8 Mu Ko Similan National Park:
Mu Ko Similan National Park, located off the coast of Phang Nga, is a popular destination for scuba divers. Water enthusiasts can spend hours admiring the park s coral reefs and marine life (various species of sharks, rays, and sea turtles can be seen here), while beachgoers can relax on the Similan Islands unspoiled stretches of white sand. Keep in mind, however, that the park closes annually during the monsoon season (from May to mid-October), and there are daily visitor limits.
9 Ko Chang:
This large island, named Ko Chang (or "Elephant Island" in Thai) because of its elephant-shaped headland, is more secluded than Phuket but no less beautiful. Its west coast is dotted with stunning coastlines (some sandy, some rocky), small towns, and a variety of accommodation options, while its interior is home to tropical jungles and gushing waterfalls that can be trekked through and to. But keep in mind that Ko Chang s tourism infrastructure isn t as developed as that of other Thai islands, so getting here is a bit more difficult.
10 Khao Sok National Park:
Even if you don t consider yourself an outdoors person, a visit to Khao Sok National Park will leave you speechless. Khao Sok is an incredibly bio-diverse area with limestone cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, and the world s oldest evergreen rainforest. There are approximately 200 different types of flora and many different animal species here, including tigers, elephants, and Southern pig-tailed macaques (monkeys). Because the park receives a lot of rain all year, the best time to visit is during the dry season, which lasts from December to April.

Places to Eat in Thailand:

Raan Jay Fai
Nhong Rim Klong
Wattana Panich
Pe Aor Tom Yum Goong
Soei Restaurant

Hotels in Thailand:

Divalux Resort and Spa Bangkok
Bangkok Palace Hotel
Matchbox Bangkok hostel
Tevan Jomtien Pattaya

Airports in Thailand:

Krabi Airport
Samui Airport
Don Mueang International Airport
Hat Yai International Airport
Phuket International Airport
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