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5 Beautiful Destinations in Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is one of the scenic and beautiful valleys of the KPK and the best destination to stop and enjoy natures real beauty. It is covered with snowy mountains, green pastures, foggy nights, and beautiful forests. Mostly, international tourists travel from different areas of the world to visit Kumrat valley and enjoy the Kumrat valleys pleasant weather. Many engaging activities are for tourists like Camping, trout fishing, trekking, etc. 5 beautiful places to visit in Kumrat Valley Jahaz Banda Panjkora River Do Kala Chasma Katora Lake Kumrat Water Fall Jahaz Banda Pass Jahaz Banda is at an elevation of 3100m from sea level. The distance of Jahaz banda from the Kumrat valley is about 17.6 km. It is a lush green station surrounded by snow-clad mountains, pine trees, and covered by green pastures. This place is best for some experienced hiking tourists who want to make adventurous by a strenuous hiking trek. Panjkora River Panjkora river is located at a distance of 59km from Kumrat Valley and in the north of KPK. It is famous for its archaeology importance as it contains Gandhara grave culture. This lake is the natural habitat of many sea species, and fishing is the reason for most tourists. Also, its cold and freshwater are an astonishing thing for foreign tourists. Do Kala Chashma Do Kala Chashma is famous for its gushing river flows in between the black mountains. This is also the reason for its name as "Do Kala Chashma." The magnificent beauty of this place attracts tourists. It takes approximately 1.5 hours drive to reach Kumrat as the road is rough, so better to rent a jeep and a local driver. Katora Lake Katora lake, the word means (in Pashto) "bowl." It was named because the lake shape is just like a bowl. This lake is accessible through trekking of 2-4 hours from Jahaz banda meadows. But trekking to Katora lake is a bit difficult due to the hurdles of big stones on the way. The lake is surrounded by melting glacier waters. Kumrat Water Fall The waterfall in Kumrat is a hidden gem, as many people still dont know about it. It is located at a short distance, and this waterfall is an added beauty to the charm of the Kumrat valley. As it is not far away, but still taking a local guide with you. Once you get there, you will enjoy the roaring of water and a sun piercing combination. Things to Do in Kumrat Valley If you are fond of waterfalls, then this place is for you. You can enjoy a beautiful and amazing waterfall because there are many waterfalls in this stunningly beautiful place. Some other major tourists attraction include in this valley is to visit Jahaz banda meadows, Do Kala Chashma, trekking towards Katora lake, waterfalls, rivers, Camping, cooking, enjoy the breathtaking views, and a lot more. Are you planning your visit to Kumrat valley? iMusafir.pk offers customized tour packages. Kumrat tour packages-customize and book tour packages in Kumrat and find the best deals on Kumrat Holiday Tour packages. Book Kumrat Tour Packages on cheap rates through iMusafir.pk from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore Pakistan. We offer tours, transfers, visas, tickets, 3 star, 4 star, 5 star accommodation (Hotels) and Transportation for Kumrat tour. Find best deals on hotels in Kumrat. People usually book this 4 days Kumrat Tour through us.