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Chitral valley

A very beautiful and attractive place in northern Pakistan which known as Chitral valley. It is the capital of district Chitral in north Pakistan. The valley very beautiful and attractive for tourists so that millions of visitors visit this valley each year. These beautiful and scenic places are very popular due to their ancient civilization as well as traditions. The peoples of Chitral valley are very kind-hearted and hospitable.

How to reach Chitral valley?

Some routes connect the Chitral valley with other cities of Pakistan. The total distance of Chitral from Islamabad is round about 400 km. You can reach Chital valley from Peshawar to Swat via Dir through the Lowari tunnel. From Gilgit, you can get a jeep to take you to Phander near the Shunder pass. You must stay in Phander or Shunder at night and the next day you will reach Chitral valley very easily.

Places to visit in Chitral Valley

Many attractive and most famous visiting places can be found in the Chitral valley some of them are mentioned below.
  • 1:Kalash valley
  • 2:Bumburet
  • 3:Chitral Gol National Park
  • 4:Rumbur
  • 5:Chitral fort
  • 6:Shai Masjid Chitral
  • 7:Chitral Museum

Hotels in Chitral

Chitral valley is a famous tourist destination so to facilitate tourists there are many hotels in Chitral valley which one can choose according to their budget. iMusafir offers hotels in Chitral at very low rates. Some best and recommended Chitral hotels are as follows.
  • 1:Hindukush Heights Chitral
  • 2:Ayun fort inn
  • 3:Tirch Mir View Hotel Chitral
  • 4:Nagar Fort Resort Chitral

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Is it important to book Chitral hotels in advance?

Yes, it is very important to book Chitral hotels in advance in peak season. Summer is the peak season in Chitral as summer is holiday time in Pakistan so many tourists from every part of Pakistan came to visit Chitral valley. So, it is very important to make advance booking of Chitral hotels.


Chitral is a beautiful and picturesque valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The valley is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful mountains, glaciers, and lakes. The area is also known for its culture and traditions, which include biathlon, ski racing, yodeling, and qawwali music. Height of chitral is 4902 ft.

Popular Chitral Hotels:

1 Mountain Inn
2 Roomy Hindukush Sarai Chitral
3 Chitral Inn Resort
4 Tirch Mir View Hotel Chitral