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Hotel City

Top 6 Cheap and luxury Hunza Hotels with Room Prices

# List of Hotels in Hunza Location Price
1 Hunza View Hotel Kareemabad 6500
2 Gulmit Continental Hotel Hunza Kareemabad 8500
3 Embassy Hotel Hunza, Roomy Rooms Kareemabad 16500
4 Eagles Nest Hunza Kareemabad Top (Eagle Nest) 17500
5 Fairy Land Hotel Duikar Hunzar Kareemabad Hunza 18000
6 Darbar Hotel Hunza Hunza 19000

Hunza Valley

A very beautiful valley as heaven on earth is situated in Gilgit –Baltistan a north province of Pakistan. Hunza valley is situated round about 98 km away from main city of Gilgit on the way of Khunjrab pass or China Border. Hunza valley has many unique features so that it is very reputed in all over Pakistan as well as abroad. The atmosphere of Hunza valley is very attractive for tourists in summer season, so that thousands of visitors visit in Hunza valley each year. There are many famous and beautiful sightseeing and other facilities in Hunza valley which attract the tourists from all over the world. Some famous places and other are mentioned below:
  • 1.Banks
  • 2.Hospitals
  • 3.Schools and colleges
  • 4.Hotels and restaurants
  • 5.Calls and internet services
  • 6.Army airport
  • 7.Fuel filling stations
  • 8.Bus stands

Most famous visiting places in Hunza Valley

There are many famous and beautiful places in Hunza valley which are attractive for tourists. These places are as below:
  • 1.Altit fort
  • 2.Baltit fort
  • 3.Lady finger
  • 4.Husaini Bridge in Hunza
  • 5.Attabad lake
  • 6.China Border
  • 7.Shispare
  • 8.Sost Dry Port

Hotels in Hunza Valley

Hotels have a key rule for visiting in any area or part of world. Therefore in Hunza valley there are many hotels and restaurants which provide good facilities and quality of services for visitors. These hotels varies according to suiting the pocket of tourists and so that they may called as 3 star hotels and restaurants, 4 star hotels and restaurants and 5 star hotels and Restaurants. Some Hotels and restaurants are mentioned below that can be book with a famous tour operator company named iMusafir

3 Star hotels in Hunza Valley

The hotels which provide standard service as in middle way are called as 3 star hotels and restaurants. So that these hotels are much in number in every tourist spots of the world for visitors needs. Hunza valley has also many 3 star hotels and restaurants some of them are mention below.
  • 1.Mulbery Hotel Hunza
  • 2.Karakouam View Hotel Hunza
  • 3.Hunza embassy
  • 4.Hunza view hotel
  • 5.Baltit Heritage Inn hotel

5 Stars hotels in Hunza valley

Those hotels which provide excellent services to their clients are known as 5 star hotels and restaurants. These hotel provide executive services, quality food and VIP residencies. Numbers of 5 stars Hotels are available in Hunza valley e.g.
  • 1.Serena Inn Hotel Hunza
  • 2.Darbar Hotel Hunza
  • 3.Luxus Grand Resort hotel Hunza
  • 4.Nexus Grance Hotel Hunza
  • 5.Eagle Nest Hotel Hunza

Hotels in Sost

A very beautiful valley on the way of Khunjrab pass is known as Sost valley. This beautiful valley is situated 80 km away from Hunza valley having hotels and restaurants as well as fuel filling stations for passengers. Some best hotels in Sost Hunza valley are as follows:
  • 1. Sost Embassy Hotel
  • 2. Sost Ambassador Hotel
  • 3. Riveria Hotel Sost

How to book Hotels in Hunza Valley?

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Why it is important to book hotels in advance?

It is must to book rooms and hotels earlier (advance) because in peak season there become crowd of tourists in these areas and availability of rooms and hotels becomes also difficult. So to prevent from problem at the time of arrival, visitors books their hotels and rooms in advance with