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Muzaffarabad is the capital of Pakistan – administrated territory of Azad Jammu & Kashmir since 1948. Muzaffarabad is also a wonderful destination for tourism. Muzaffarabad is 119 km away from the capital of Pakistan (Islamabad). It is also a beautiful district of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is 738 m above sea level. Its population is around about 200000. The district is bounded by KPK in the west, and by the Kupwara and Baramulla districts of Indian-administrated Jammu and Kashmir in the east while Neelum district in the north. Muzaffarabad is a very famous and well-known city in the history of tourism and adventurers. There are many popular visiting places in Muzaffarabad. Some places are written below.

Most Popular Visiting Places In Muzaffarabad

  • 1:Red Fort Muzaffarabad AJK
  • 2:Jalalabad Garden
  • 3:Sain Saheli Sarkar Darbar
  • 4:Neelum River views
  • 5:Kashmir Waterfalls
  • 6:Kuhala Bridge viewpoint
  • 7:Muzaffarabad Airport
  • 8:Machiara National Park
  • 9:Sarli Sacha viewpoints with different sightseeing
  • 10:Dhani Waterfalls
  • 11:Behri Village with different views
  • 12:Sarsanghr Gali
  • 13:Kammun
  • 14:Bari Behk
  • 15:Kai Fairyland
  • 16:Chamkathan
  • 17:Dhana village viewpoint
  • 18:Neela Mountain range
  • 19:Chaghall Gali
  • 20:Sokar Kasi and related points in Sarli Sacha.
From12 to 20 are names are those places which are not explored for tourism but these places are very beautiful as the tourist destinations in the future. There are many other beautiful and attractive places for tourists but undiscovered yet now due to unavailability of the road approach.

Hotels in Muzaffarabad

A hotel is a place where you can stay and get food according to your choice by spending money from your pocket. There are some categories of hotels according to the qualities of their services. These categories are names as 2, 3, 4,5, 6, and 7 stars.

3 and 4 stars Hotels in Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad is a very beautiful and attractive place for tourists and it is also the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of peoples from Pakistan and from abroad visit Muzaffarabad each year. Due to the administrated city, many peoples visit Muzaffarabad from other districts of Azad Kashmir for their offices purposes. So that many hotels are available in Muzaffarabad to accommodate these people. Some 3 and 4 Stars hotels are as follows:

5 stars Hotels in Muzaffarabad

In Muzaffarabad, only two Hotels provide 5-star facilities which are:
  • 1: PC or Pearl Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad
  • 2:Neelam continental or Neelam View hotel Muzaffarabad

  • How to book hotels in Muzaffarabad?

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    About Muzaffarbad:

    Muzaffarabad is the capital and largest city of Azad Kashmir, as well as Pakistans 60th largest city. The city is in Muzaffarabad District, close to the confluence of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The district is bounded in the west by the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in the east by the Indian-administered districts of Kupwara and Baramulla, and in the north by the Neelum District. Sultan Muzaffar Khan, chief of the Bomba tribe that ruled Kashmir at the time, founded Muzaffarabad in 1646. That same year, Khan built the Red Fort to protect himself from Mughal incursions.
    The city was close to the epicentre of the 7.6 Mw Kashmir earthquake in 2005. The earthquake destroyed approximately half of the citys buildings (including the majority of government buildings) and is estimated to have killed up to 80,000 people in Pakistani-controlled areas. The Pakistani governments official death toll as of 8 October 2005 was 87,350, but other estimates put the figure well above 100,000.

    Population and Geography:

    Population of Muzaffarabad is 650,370. Height of Muzaffarabad is 2420 ft.

    How to Reach Muzaffarabad:

    There are two ways to get from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad (AJK). The first option is to take Motorway E75 (Murree Express Way); the total distance is about 137 kilometres, and you can reach Muzaffarabad in about 3 hours and 18 minutes. The second route is via the Hazara Motorway (M-15), which is 214 kilometres long and takes nearly 4 hours to reach Muzaffarabad.

    Hotels in Muzaffarabad:

    Hotel Kashmir lodge Muzaffarabad.
    Shalimar Hotel Muzaffarabad.
    Srinagar Homes.
    The Lodge Guest house Muzaffarabad.

    Places to visit in Muzaffarabad:

    Neelum River.
    Pir Chinasi.
    Kohala Bridge.
    Jalalabad Garden.

    Best time to visit Muzaffarabad:

    If you want to visit Muzaffarabad during the hottest months, the hottest months are July, June, and August. See the table below for average monthly temperatures. Mid-June is generally the warmest time of year, with highs regularly around 94.1°F (34.5°C) and temperatures rarely dropping below 69.7°F (20.9°C) at night.

    What to eat in Muzaffarabad:

    There are two types of main courses of Kashmiri pulao available in Muzaffarabad: beef and mutton or chicken. Namkeen tea is distinguished by the addition of green leaves tea, salt, almonds, and other dry fruits. Kashmiri Kucha is a popular bakery item in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.