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Rawalakot is a very famous and beautiful city of Azad Kashmir. It is also the capital of the Poonch district of Azad Kashmir. It is round about 1620 meters high from sea level. The distance from Islamabad to Rawalakot is about 115 km. Rawalakot is also the best tourist destination. There are many visiting places in Rawalakot district.

Most visiting places in Rawalakot Azad Kashmir

There many visiting places in Rawalakot Azad Kashmir some most famous visiting places are given below:
  • 1:Banjosa Lake
  • 2:Toli Pir
  • 3:Poonch river
  • 4:Tatta Pani
  • 5:Nergola waterfall
  • 6:Koyian
  • 7:Jandali

Hotels In Rawalakot

Rawalakot is a beautiful tourist destination so that there are many hotels in Rawalakot to accommodate the visitors. Some most famous hotels in Rawalakot are mentioned below:
  • 1:Marjan Hotel Rawalakot
  • 2:Gulf Palace Hotel Rawalakot
  • 3:Four Season Guest House Rawalakot

Hotels in Banjosa Rawalakot

Banjosa lake is a famous tourist spot near Rawalakot. The distance of Banjosa lake from Rawalakot is about 17KM. Many beautiful hotels and guest houses are availabel near Banjosa lake. Some of the best and recommended hotels in Banjosa lake Rawalakot are as follows:
  • 1:PWD Guest House Banjosa Lake Rawalakot
  • 2:Heaven Dreams Guest House Banjosa Rawalakot
  • 3:Night Bridge Hotel Banjosa Rawalakot
  • 4:Kamran Guest House Banjosa Rawalakot

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