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Top 3 Skardu Hotels with Room Rent

# List of Hotels in Skardu Valley Location Price
1 Shigar Serena Hotel, Skardu Shigar 25000
2 Serena Residence Palace Khaplu, Skardu Khaplu 24000
3 Shangrila Resort Skardu Kachura Lake 22000
4 Reego Hotel Skardu Skardu City 15000

Skardu Valley

Skardu is the name of a very beautiful mountainous which is the largest district of Gilgit –Baltistan province of Pakistan. This valley is about 40 km long and 12 km wide. The valley has the worlds highest mountain ranges as the Karakorum so that this valley is very popular with Mountaineering Expeditions. The distance of Skardu is round about 650 km from Islamabad and 201 km from Gilgit main city. The worlds second-highest peak on earth K-2 having 8611 m height is also located in Skardu.

Places to visit in Skardu

Tourist visiting Skardu valley can explore the below beautiful places of Skardu valley. Hotels are easily available on all these tourist places in Skardu valley.
  • 1:Lower Kachura Lake
  • 2:Upper Kachura Lake
  • 3:Katpana Lake
  • 4:Katpana Desert
  • 5:Kharpocho Fort
  • 6:Skardu city
  • 7:Sadpara lake
  • 8:Buddha Rocks
  • 9:Sarfranga Desert
  • 10:Shigar fort, Shigar valley
  • 11: Khaplu Valley
  • 12: Chaqchan Mosque
  • 13: Machlu Valley
  • 14: Sogha Lake
  • 15: Manthoka Waterfall
  • 16: Kharmangh Waterfall
  • 17: Bara Pani Deosai
  • 18:Kala Pani Deosai
  • 19:Sheosar Lake Deosai
  • 20: Khaplu Fort
  • These above places are very famous and popular among the visitors from all over the world. You can book hotels on the famous tourist destinations in Skardu valley at at cheap rates.

    Hotels in Skardu

    As Skardu is the biggest tourist destination in Gilgit Baltistan so there is not any shortage of ecomomical, standard and luxury hotels. Tourists can find hotels in skardu with in their budget. Actully there is no need to find best and economical price hotel in Skardu we at are offering 2 star to 5 star hotels in Skardu at very cheap rates. Tourist can book hotels in Skardu at at best gurantted rates. If you are searching for different types of hotels in Skardu whether 2-star hotels, 3-star hotels, 5-star hotels so this is the perfect article for you. Here is the detail of the 3-star and 5-star hotels of Skardu valley.

    2-Star & 3-Star hotels in Skardu

    As you are a low-budget traveler and can not afford to stay in 5-star hotels so do not worry Skardu offers many 2-star and 3-star economical and budget hotels to low-budget travelers. Here are some of the recommended and best 2-star & 3-star hotels of Skardu valley which can be booked at cheap rates with
    • 1:Sehrish Guest House Skardu
    • 2:Village Guest House Skardu
    • 3:Mandook Palace Guest House Skardu
    • 4: Graceland Hotel Skardu
    • 5: Caprafal Hotel Skardu
    • 6: Himalaya Hotel Skardu
    • 7: Space Eden Huts Shigar Valley Skardu
    • 8: Karakoram Lodge Khaplu valley Skardu

    • 4 and 5 star hotels in Skardu is the best solution for the tourists who are looking for 4 or 5-star hotels in Skardu valley. There are a variety of 4 and 5-star hotels available in Skardu and surrounding tourist places. offers the best rates of 4 and 5-star hotels of Skardu valley. So, what are you waiting for call us today to book your stay in the best 5-star hotel at cheap rates. Here are the some of best 4 & 5-star hotels in Skardu valley.
      • 1:Mountain Lodges Skardu
      • 2:Tibet Motel Shangrila Skardu
      • 3:Shangrila Hotel & Resorts Skardu
      • 4:Serena Shigar Palace Shigar Skardu
      • 5:Serena Khaplu Palace

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        Why book Skardu hotels in advance?

        Skardu is the most beautiful travel destination in Gilgit Baltistan. Tourists from around the world came to explore the beauty of Skardu valley every year in summer. As summer is the best time to explore Skardu valley so at this time of year hotels in Skardu remain fully booked. Summer is the holiday time in Pakistan so thousands of visitors from Pakistan go to spend the holidays in Skardu valley. So, to avoid any hassle in hotel booking it is recommended to book Skardu hotels in advance. We at witnessed many cases in which tourists with families faced a lot of problems who were on the trip and they came without an advance hotel booking. We at recommend booking Skardu hotels in advance so that you can enjoy your tour. also offers up to 15% discount on advance hotel bookings. So, call us today to book your Skardu hotel in advance and at cheap rates.


        Skardu is a city that can be found in Gilgit-Baltistan, a region of Kashmir that is governed by Pakistan. The Baltistan Division and Skardu District both have Skardu as its capital. Skardu is well known for mountaineering and climbing all around the world. Additionally, the residents kindness, culture, custom landscape draw millions of visitors each year from all over the world. Hotels in Skardu are Dewan e khas Sehrish Hotel and guest house skardu.Hotel Sarfaranga skardu.Shangrila Resort Skardu. Things to eat in skardu is Marzan (Buckwheat with apricot oil).
        Buckwheat flour is used to make this sweet winter meal. The residents of Skardu Valley consume it on special occasions. Marzan is a sticky, dry wheat bread that is typically served with pure apricot oil. Population of skardu is 214848.
        The city serves as a significant entry point to the adjacent Karakoram mountain ranges eight- thousanders. The Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains are separated by the Indus River, which flows across the area.
        Summer, from June to September, is the ideal time to visit Skardu. The best time to visit lush green areas is when its cool and dry, allowing you to avoid the oppressive heat in other parts of Pakistan. Skardu is now easily accessible by plane or road, thus getting there is no longer a challenge.
        Skardu can be reached by air in a few hours, but it will take you two or three days on land. Depending entirely on the path you take.
        Skardus biggest tourist destinations include Deosai National Park, Upper Kachura Lake, and Manthokha Waterfall.Satpara lake.Katpana Desert.