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Trip to Chitral & Kailash Valley

Beautiful Places to visit in Chitral & Kailash

Chitral and Kailash, located in the Northern area of the Hindukush mountain range. These valleys are enriched with natural resources, fresh fruit trees, immense mountain range, variety of colorful flowers, etc. Both valleys are easily accessible through air journeys as well as the road route. The panoramic views of the Chitral and Kailash give a pleasant experience to the tourists. Here is the list of top places you can visit in Chitral and Kailash:

Chitral Museum

Chitral Museum was built in 2010 and divided into two sections. One is the ethnological gallery, and the second one is the archaeological gallery and Kalash. In the ethnological gallery, there are things related to an ancestor, i.e., furniture, instruments, jewelry, while on other sections of Kalash, one can see the cultural heritage and old times stuff. This Museum provides excellent and intensive knowledge about the historical and cultural aspects of Chitrals ancestor people.
Shahi Masjid
Shahi Masjid, which is a beautiful piece of architecture, was built in the 19th century. It is located in Chitral and considers as one of the distinctive mosques in Chitral. It was built on the orders of ul-Mulk’s in 1924. The pinkish walls, minarets frame, and white onion dome what makes it a must visited Chitrals mosque. This construction of this masjid represents the real culture and traditions values of Chitral. Tourists should visit this white marble and works of art to see the natural beauty of Chitral valley.
Tirich Mir
One of the highest peaks of all mountain ranges is Tirich Mir, which is also the highest in the Hindu Kush mountain range. This is almost at the altitude of 7,708 m (25,289 feet). What’s more, those who visit the Chitral Valley must witness the dawn and dusk at this summit. The fascinating view to capture in the eyes. Many hotels and resorts are here to help you capture this ultimate view.
Shandur Polo Ground
Shandur Polo Ground is located a few kilometers from Chitral and a popular game in the region of Chitral valley. Every year, people from the national and international level come and enjoy the Polo matches. Almost a 4-hour drive from the Chitral Valley, the famous Shandur polo field, hosts international and national polo matches every year. Polo is one of the most popular games in the Chitral Valley. Also, there are other small plots of land in the town of Chitral. Shandur’s most famous polo field is the highest polo field of the world. Thousands of local and foreign tourists gather to witness this incredible game here.
Things to do in Chitral and Kailash
So. if you are visiting these valleys in the festival seasons. Then there are plenty of things you can enjoy. You can enjoy lovely weather, see colorful rituals and traditional clothes, sit, and enjoy natural views, hang out with local people, hike anywhere, trekking, etc. Are you planning your visit to Chitral and Kailash? offers customized Chitral tour packages. Chitral and Kailash tour packages-customize and book tour packages in Chitral and Kailash and find the best deals on Chitral and Kailash Holiday Tour packages and best hotels in Chitral & Kailash.