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Gilgit city is very popular and beautiful city of Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. The distance from Islamabad to Gilgit is round about 520 km by road. The road condition is very good from overall, Islamabad to Gilgit. It is capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. It is very famous due to the capital and also because, there are many types tourists attractive place in Gilgit. In Gilgit there are many Hotels and restaurants for tourists. There are many departmental stores and many markets having all material require for living. Some key facilities are:
  • 1:Banks
  • 2:Hotels
  • 3:Hospitals
  • 4:Calls and internet service
  • 5:Mettaled roads
  • 6:Airport
  • 7:Dry fruit shops
  • 8:Clothes markets or NLI Market
  • 9:Beautiful parks
  • 10:Bus stand for all over Pakistan

Most famous and popular visiting places in Gilgit Baltistan

There are many famous and most popular visiting place near to Gilgit, some of them are:
  • 1:Kargha Nala
  • 2:Budda Stupa
  • 3:Basin valley
  • 4:Henzal fish point
  • 5:NLI market

Hotels In Gilgit

There are many hotels and restaurants to facilitate the tourists in Gilgit some famous hotels from 3 to 5 Star are discussed below:

3 Stars hotels in Gilgit

There are many three star hotels in Gilgit city to fulfil the need of clients according to their pocket. Some of them are hereunder which you can book with iMusafir which is a famous tour operator company:
  • 1:Marcopolo Hotel Gilgit
  • 2:Cozy Lodge Hotel Gilgit
  • 3:Embassy Hotel Gilgit

5 Star hotels in Gilgit

As I discussed earlier that Gilgit is very famous and most populated city in Gilgit Baltistan province and capital of this province. So being the gateway and capital city of Gilgit Baltsiatn it offers many 5 star hotels for overnight stay which can be booked at cheap rates by Here are the best 5 star hotels in Gilgit.
  • 1:Gilgit Serena Hotel
  • 2:Canopy Nexus Hotel Gilgit
  • 3:Riverdale resort and hotel Gilgit

How to book hotels in Gilgit city on Discounted rates?

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Why advance booking is must in Gilgit?

In peak season of the year in which number of visitors increases in northern area of Pakistan the availability of residence also become difficult for clients according to their choice, so that being a tour operator, it is recommended for you that you must book your rooms or hotels in advance with us.


About Gilgit:

The capital of Gilgit-Baltistan is Gilgit, which is located in Pakistan. The city, which serves as a base for hiking and mountaineering excursions in the Karakoram Mountain range, is situated in a vast valley close to the confluence of the Gilgit and Hunza rivers. It is a popular tourist destination in Pakistan.
In the past, Gilgit was a significant Buddhist centre; now, it is a key intersection on the Karakoram Highway with connections to China and the Pakistani cities of Skardu, Chitral, Peshawar, and Islamabad. Gilgit was also a significant station on the historic Silk Road. For the time being, it functions as a frontier post for the nearby tribal regions.

Population and geography:

Population of Gilgit is 1.5 million. Height of Gilgit is 4921 ft.

Best time to visit Gilgit:

Gilgit can be visited any time of year, but February is the ideal month due to the pleasant weather, low cost of travel, and absence of the busiest vacation seasons.

How to reach Gilgit:

Gilgit-Baltistan can be reached by two different routes from Islamabad or Rawalpindi. One is by N35, the direct route across KKH (Karakorum Highway). Following this path will allow you to see some of KPK s most picturesque locations, including Mansehra, Abbottabad, Batgram, Chatarplane, Patan, and Bisham, among others.

Hotels in place:

Country side Resort Gilgit.
Riverdale resort Gilgit.
Indus lodges Gilgit.
Alpine Motel Gilgit.

Places to visit in Gilgit:

Baltit Fort.
Altit Fort.
Kharphocho Fort.
Manthal buddha rock
Serena shigar fort.
Kargah buddha Yasheni

What to eat in Gilgit:

1 Chapshoro
All meat lovers can savour the delightful savoury dish known as chapshoro. Oil, seasoned veggies, and meat are used to stuff naan bread. The bread is then baked in an oven after being sealed. The outcome is a beautiful, oblong beef dish that resembles a pie.
The fact that you may specify the type of meat you want in the dish is the nicest part. You can make chapshoro with yak, beef, mutton, or chicken (think of a really fluffy cow). Before you even take your first bite, you will be salivating over the fresh, earthy flavours.
2 Dao Dao Soup:
When attempting to remain warm during the harsh Gilgit Baltistan winters, this amazing dish is ideal. The spicy and mouthwatering Dao Dao Soup is a hot broth-based soup. The soup is created with a variety of local spices, noodles, chicken, and veggies like tomatoes and onions. Perfect for a mid-afternoon snack.
3 Mamtu:
The North s version of a dumpling is called a mamtu. The locals prepare it by adding meat to a mixture of onions, garlic, and hot peppers. The dumplings are then expertly cooked. On your next trip to Gilgit Baltistan, you must try these because they taste and smell fantastic.
4 Hoilo Garma:
Street dish known as Hoilo Garma is available throughout Gilgit Baltistan. This dish, which is prepared over a low to medium temperature, is a delectable combination of spices, veggies, and ribbons of chapati. You really can t stop eating this once you start until the entire pot is gone.
5 Tumoro Tea:
In Gilgit Baltistan, this soothing beverage is a standard in every home. Tumoro tea is grown close to Nagar Valley. The plant is used by locals to create a delightful herbal tea that is a wonderful compliment to any meal.
There are numerous proven medical benefits of turmeric tea. Locals use it to treat headaches and the common cold. The tea is reportedly excellent for calming the nerves and reducing anxiety.
6 Go-Lee:
You ve never experienced bread like this. A gorgeous flatbread called go-lee is frequently served with dishes that contain meat. Eggs, salt, water, and cooking oil are used in its preparation. It usually goes with some meat or eggs because locals eat it for morning.
Before leaving for work or play, several advise dipping the bread in tea and having a pleasant, energising breakfast.