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Gilgit city is very popular and beautiful city of Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. The distance from Islamabad to Gilgit is round about 520 km by road. The road condition is very good from overall, Islamabad to Gilgit. It is capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. It is very famous due to the capital and also because, there are many types tourists attractive place in Gilgit. In Gilgit there are many Hotels and restaurants for tourists. There are many departmental stores and many markets having all material require for living. Some key facilities are:
  • 1:Banks
  • 2:Hotels
  • 3:Hospitals
  • 4:Calls and internet service
  • 5:Mettaled roads
  • 6:Airport
  • 7:Dry fruit shops
  • 8:Clothes markets or NLI Market
  • 9:Beautiful parks
  • 10:Bus stand for all over Pakistan

Most famous and popular visiting places in Gilgit Baltistan

There are many famous and most popular visiting place near to Gilgit, some of them are:
  • 1:Kargha Nala
  • 2:Budda Stupa
  • 3:Basin valley
  • 4:Henzal fish point
  • 5:NLI market

Hotels In Gilgit

There are many hotels and restaurants to facilitate the tourists in Gilgit some famous hotels from 3 to 5 Star are discussed below:

3 Stars hotels in Gilgit

There are many three star hotels in Gilgit city to fulfil the need of clients according to their pocket. Some of them are hereunder which you can book with iMusafir which is a famous tour operator company:
  • 1:Marcopolo Hotel Gilgit
  • 2:Cozy Lodge Hotel Gilgit
  • 3:Embassy Hotel Gilgit

5 Star hotels in Gilgit

As I discussed earlier that Gilgit is very famous and most populated city in Gilgit Baltistan province and capital of this province. So being the gateway and capital city of Gilgit Baltsiatn it offers many 5 star hotels for overnight stay which can be booked at cheap rates by Here are the best 5 star hotels in Gilgit.
  • 1:Gilgit Serena Hotel
  • 2:Canopy Nexus Hotel Gilgit
  • 3:Riverdale resort and hotel Gilgit

How to book hotels in Gilgit city on Discounted rates?

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Why advance booking is must in Gilgit?

In peak season of the year in which number of visitors increases in northern area of Pakistan the availability of residence also become difficult for clients according to their choice, so that being a tour operator, it is recommended for you that you must book your rooms or hotels in advance with us.