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Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is the most famous and most visited tourist destination in the Galiyat region in KPK. Nathia Gali is like a piece of heaven on earth. Nathia Gali is located in the Abbottabad district of KPK, Pakistan. It is a mountain resort town or hill station. Natia Gali is very famous for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks, natural flora, forests, birds, wild animals, and pleasant weather. Nathia Gali is 32 kilometers away from Murree and the same from Abbottabad. You can also reach Nathia Gali after a three to four-hour drive from Islamabad. The climate of Nathia Gali remains cool, pleasant, and foggy in summer. Nathia Gali road is connected to both Abbottabad and Murree. There are many hotels, rest houses and cottages equipped with the most facilities are available here for tourists from all over the country and from the world.

Visiting Places In Nathia Gali

Tourists who are staying in Nathiagali hotels can visit the below places.
  • 1. Miranjani
  • 2. Muskhpuri
  • 3. Nathiagali Church
  • 4. Green Spot
  • 5. Ayubia National Park
  • 6. Ayubia Moto Tunel
  • 7. Samundar Katha Lake
  • 8. Ayubia Chair Lift
  • 9. Thandiani Top
  • 10. Donga Gali

Hotels in Nathia Gali

We at have 30 plus best hotels and guest houses of Nathiagali on our panel. Tourists visiting Nathia Gali can book Nathiagali hotels with us at discounted rates. Some of the best-recommended hotels of Nathiagali are as follows:
  • 1: Alpine Hotel Nathiagali
  • 2: Hotel Elites Nathiagali
  • 3: Lemon Lodges Nathiagali
  • 4: Summer Retreat Hotel Nathiagali
  • 5: Snowland Hotel Nathiagali
  • 6: Taj Hotel Nathiagali
  • 7: Al Azeem Hotel Ayubia Nathiagali
  • 8: Daisy Dot Hotel Donga Gali
  • 9: Amore Hotel Donga Gali
  • 10: Wood Dale Hotel Donga Gali

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