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Swat valley is one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan because of its natural beauty and charismatic allure. It is situated to the north of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, also known as Switzer land of Pakistan and surrounded by Himalayas and Hindu Kush.

The Swat Valley History begins over 2000 years ago when the very first residents settled there. Back then the town known today as Valley Swat was called Udyana and later Suvastu. Many Buddhists settling there as well in the second century BC. Unfortunately, the peace ended in the 11th century AD, turning a new page in swat valley.

The Swat Region has been inhabited for more than two thousand years and was known in ancient timed as Udyana. The location of Swat made it an important stopping point for many invaders, including Alexander the Great and Sultan Mehmud Ghaznavi. The area it covered is now divided between the present-day districts of Swat, Buner and Shangla.

Main tourists' attractions:

Tourist season in Swat valley is all over the year. The normal temperature is maximum 21.11 ?C and minimum is 7.22 ?C. The total area covered by Swat valley is 10, The distance from swat to Peshawar is 160 KMs and distance of Swat from Islamabad is 250KMs.

Being home town of Kohistani inhabitants, Kalaam is like an earthly paradise in Swat Valley. Located at a distance of 40 km from Bahrain, Kalaam is the main town of this region presenting one of the most panoramic natural beauty. The picturesque Kalaam provides road access to reach magnificent valleys of Ushu (2286m), Utrot (2225m) and Gabral (2286m) above sea level, where journey through green forests and beautiful view of landscape is mesmerizing. Rivers and lakes at Kalaam offer good trout fishing after getting permits obtainable from the Fisheries Department.

Saidu Shareef:
Being capital city of picturesque Swat valley, Saidu Sharif is the principal seat of administration for looking after and managing regional government affairs. A museum reflecting Buddhist era history, the tomb of Akhund of Swat is sited here along with archeological sites of Butkara Buddhist stupa. Saidu Sharif has a small airport from which air service is regularly operating connecting it with Peshawar and Islamabad.

Mingora being lifeline of trade and business activity is the main central city of Swat valley adjacent to Saidu Sharif. It offers food outlets, restaurants and hotels. Locally produced items beautifully displayed at its main bazaar, shops, show rooms etc. include semi precious stones, embroidered dresses, hand woven ladies shawls, bed sheets and woodwork. Traditional ornaments and antiques are available at shops. Visitors on trips to Swat valley usually stroll its bazaars for shopping at the end of their journey. You can find emerald mines in hills northward of the town, famous worldwide for their expensive and valuable emeralds.

Swat Museum:
This museum full of Swat's old heritage is situated between Mingora and Saidu Sharif. Gandhara Buddhist artifacts, antiques and similar articles are beautifully showcased telling the tale of once glorious era. Ancient life of this region is portrayed in shape of samples of local embroidery, jewelry, and carved wooden articles. The museum is closed on Wednesdays.

Malam Jaba:
A trip to Swat is incomplete without seeing Malam- Jaba, about 44 km from Mingora, a modern hill resort with surrounding mountains raising its natural attraction and beautiful landscape. Both outdoor and indoor recreation facilities are available. It is a newly developed resort having a four star hotel and chairlift. During peak summer, it is flocked by visitors taking respite from midsummer scorching heat in plains. A hotel complex with a mini golf course and a ski run provide good entertainment. At a height of about 2743 m above sea level, Malam-Jaba offers beautiful landscape of mountain peaks full of snow, green valleys and sprawling forests refreshing minds in a cool and more serene atmosphere generously gifted by nature.

Top Hotels of Swat:

Swat Serena Hotel, Pameer Hotel, Swat Regency Hotel, Falak Sair Hotel, Swat Continental Hotel, New Honeymoon Hotel, Sangam Hotel Kalam, Thames Hotel, Hotel Rockcity, and Salmania Family Hotel

Swat is situated at the distance of 260km away from Islamabad. Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat, but main city is Mingora. There is an airport at Saidu Sharif.

Swat is a riverside valley, famous for its natural beauty, awesome weather and scenic views. When it comes to tourists attractions in Swat, Mingora is on the top of list. Where to go in Mingora? Mingora is a valley situated near Swat River. One can visit Swat museum, Fizaghat(1km) famous for recreation park area and river, Madyan(50km away from Mingora) famous for Trout Fish Form and dense Jungles , Saidu Sharif(2km), White Palce(Safaid/Sufaid Mehal) at Marghazar(14 km away from Mingora), Miandam (33 km away from Mingora) famous for snow covered mountains and wooden graves in graveyards, Malam Jabba(54km) famous for skiing and chairlift, Behrain(45km) famous for riverside accommodations, Kalam Valley (100km) famous for confluences of Ushu and Utrot rivers, waterstreams, waterfalls, hotsprings. There are many lakes in swat that attract tourists in this valley. Famous lakes includes Mahodand Lake, Pari (Khapiro) Lake, Kundol Lake, Bashigram Lake, Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake and Daral Lake. There are more than 40 hotels in Swat Valley being offered by Swat hotels are cheap as compared to Murree or Naran. Some of the famous hotels of the valley includes Pameer Hotel Mingora, Pameer Hotel Kalam, White Palace, Swat Continental Hotel, Sangam Hotel, Swat Regency Hotel, Rockcity Resort Swat, Hotel Miandam Palace Swat, Hill City Fizaghat, Swat View Hotel are best and cheap hotels among many others.