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Top 6 Cheap and luxury Hotels in Naran Kaghan & Shogran with Room Prices

# List of Hotels in Naran Kaghan Location Price
1 Swiss Wood Cottages Naran Naran Bazar 17500
2 Pine Park Hotel and Resort Naran Kaghan Jheel Road (Lake Road) 20500
3 Arcadian Riverside Luxury Resort (Khanian) Naran Khanian Bazar 18500
4 Parhena Cottages Kaghan Naran Kaghan Bazar (16km before Naran Bazar 18500
5 De-Manchi Hotel Naran Naran Bazar 12500
6 Eden Hotel Naran Naran Bazar 8000

Naran Valley

Naran is located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is 119 km away from the main city of District Mansehra. The altitude of Naran is round about 2000 to 2500 meters. This is the most famous and populated town among the towns from Shogran valley to Babusartop having good facilities for tourists.

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is also a very beautiful and attractive place for tourism. It is located before Naran valley having attractive sights for visitors from Pakistan as well as abroad. It covers around 116 km area with alpine flora and lush green beautiful places. Kaghan valley have also many good facilities to facilitate visitors from other areas of Pakistan.

Tourism In Naran Kaghan Valley

Naran Kaghan is a place of pleasure for tourists in the summer seasons due to its beauty and has good facilities for visitors. There are almost all facilities are available to tourists. For tourists, there are:

  • 1:5-star Hotels and Restaurants
  • 2:VIP traveling facilities.
  • 3:ATMs
  • 4:Banks
  • 5:Medical Centers

    • Most Popular visiting places In Naran and Kaghan

      • 1:Saifulmalok lake
      • 2:Lulusar lake
      • 3:Babusartop
      • 4:Batakundi
      • 5:Lalazar Valley
      • 6:Ansoo Lake
      • 7:Dudipatsar lake

      Naran Hotels

      There are many types of hotels in Naran Kaghan to facilitate tourists. From 2 stars hotels to 5 stars hotels can be found. Some famous hotels that you can book with our tour operator company which is one of the famous company in Pakistan named as iMusafir are hereunder:

      3 Stars hotels In Naran

      There are many 3 Stars hotels and restaurants in Naran Kaghan valley, Some of them are hereunder:

      5 Stars Hotels in Naran

      There are many 5 stars hotel in Naran Kaghan which provide excellent facilities. Some of them are hereunder.

      How to book Naran hotels on discounted rates?

      Booking Naran hotels at discount rates are not very difficult. Just call/WhatsApp us and we will give you 100s of hotel options to choose from. You can book Naran hotels with iMusafir at rates that suits your budget. So, contact us and avail the best discount on hotel bookings in Naran with us.

      Why it is important to book hotels in Naran in advance?

      It is very important to book Naran hotels in advance as June, July and August are peak months, thousands of tourists from all over Pakistan and from abroad visit Naran during these months. So, it is very important to book your stay in Naran in advance to avoid any problem.We strongly recommend you not to visit Naran in peak rush specially on weekend without prior bookings, as we witnessed many families spending nights in their cars or low standard tents/camps in rush nights who din had bookings. So to avoid inconvenience must book hotels before your departure.