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Since after 1851 when construction of Murree town was started, Murree is known for pleasant & facinating weather. Murree is most frequently visited hill destination among tourists in Pakistan. Millions of tourists visit Murree, located in northern Punjab, and consider it must go place in Pakistan. You will find a clear different of weather and scenery on just 2 hours away of Islamabad.

Hotels in Murree

There are many hotels in Murree. you will find hotels almost at every point of Murree. In Holidays and weekends you are recommended to book your hotels prior your arrival. To avoid any inconvenience tourists are requested to book their Holidays Tour Packages to Murree at least 15 days before your tentative arrival trip dates as its very rushy in holidays and weekends.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Murree?

In Murree you can find every type of hotel depending on your pocket and season time. In summer normal room rent varies between 2500PKR to 4000PKR, these are two star hotels. If you go for a 3 star or uxurious one, then there are many options like Hotel one, PC Hotel Bhurban, Lockwood hotel, Move n Pick Hotel, Metropole Hotel Murree and many more varying rents between 10,000PKR to 25,000.

How far is Murree from Islamabad and Lahore?

Murree is almost 70km away from Islamabad & Rawalpindi. On your own car, it will take only 2 hours of drive from Islamabad. Expressway leads to Murree from Islamabad. It takes only 7 hours from Lahore.

Attractions & things to do in Murree?

Major attractions in Murree are Pindi Point, GPO Chowk, Jheeka Gali, Kashmir Point, Mall Road, chair lifts in Patriata and Ayubia, Nathiagali, khanspur, pipeline track for trekking, and bhurban. You can visit Kohala Neelum Point from Murree as well. Mall road is famous for antiques and other traditional shops. There many other restaurants and fast food points are also available on mall road e.g. KFC, Pizza Hut, Usmania Restaurant etc...

Murree Weather

Tourists visit Murree because of its weather in both weathers, whether its snowfall in winters or cold freezed fog in summers. The hotels in Murree remains packed in peak summer and on the days of snow falling. It is slippery in winters so drivers needs to drive carefully in snow or at late night.

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Murree Direction

There are two roads leading to Murree from Islamabad. One is expressway and the other one is old GT Road. You can also reach murree from Abbottabad from Nathiagali Road. From Murree you can go to Muzaffarabad and other parts of Azad Kashmir.

Foreigners Attractions

There are so many attractions for foreigners who visits Pakistan specially Mukshpuri and Pipeline track.