Pakistan Tour Packages

#List of Pakistan Travel PackagesTour DurationTour Price
1Tour to Neelum Valley Package7 Days / 6Nights80000
3Swat Tour Package6 Days / 5 Nights120000
4Naran Family Tour Packages 20245 Days / 4 Nights79000
510 Days Skardu Tour10 Days / 9 Nights175000
6Pakistan Tour Package7 Days / 6 Nights90000
7Pakistan Tour Family Packages from Karachi5 Days / 4 Nights60000
810 Days Pakistan Tour Package10 Days / 09 Nights120000
9Family Tour Packages in Pakistan7 Days / 06 Nights99000
10Northern Areas of Pakistan Tour Packages08 Days / 07 Nights105000
11Northern Areas of Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi08 Days / 07 Nights105000
12Pakistan Honeymoon Tour Packages05 Days / 04 Nights48000
13Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi08 Days / 07 Nights90000

Pakistan Tour Packages

Pakistan is located on very geostrategic important area in sub continent having its borders with Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir, China and India. And after the announcement of CPEC its importance increased 100 times more. Pakistan is the country of 22 million people. Pakistan is the land of pure scenic beauty and hospitality runs in the blood of its people. Pakistan is your ideal destination no matter if you are nature lover or fond of adventures tourism. Pakistan having all the attractions from plains to deserts, lush green high mountains to meadows, waterfalls, woods, glaciers and lakes. One of the best thing of Pakistan is its climate, like very fewer countries of the world, Pakistan having four seasons throughout the year. And Pakistan having the attractions for all four seasons. In winters you can come to have snow capped mountains of Naran, Swat and kashmir. You may have ski and other winter sports or activities in Swat, Hunza and Kashmir. Whereas in summer, you have many attractions and things to do in Pakistan, one of them is water sports. You may have para sailing, jet ski and cliff diving at Khanpur Dam or Mangla Water Sports Clup. Roads remain open through out the year and for tourists easiness specially for foreigner tourists, flights options are also available from Major cities to tourists destinations.

Northern areas of Pakistan is very famous and rich in sight seeing when it comes to tourism in Pakistan. Naran, Skardu, Hunza, Swat, Kashmir and Murree are most popular tourists destinations in Pakistan. There so many hotels in Pakistan to meet everyones need and pocket. offers exciting deals to make your trip to Pakistan memorable including guided tour packages. Just send us an email or call us for tailor made tour package. According to your requirement we do offer 5 days tour package, 7 days tour package, 2 weeks tour packages to Pakistan including flights, tickets, hotels, transportation, visa and letter of invitation.

Places to Visit in Pakistan

Naran Kaghan

In Naran Kaghan most popular spots are Naran, Kaghan, Shogran, Siri Paye, Saiful Malook, Lulusir Lake, Jalkhad, Batakundi, Lalazar, Aansoo Lake, Pyala Lake, Babusir Top Balakot. Naran is located just 8 hours of drive away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. you may book many hotels in Naran and Tour Packages through us.


In Hunza worth visiting places are 3M, Raikot, Nanga Parbat View, Gilgit, Phander Lake, Ghizer, Naltar, Rakaposhi View, Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Eagles Nest, Duikar Village, Attabad Lake, Passu, Gojal, Sost and Khunjerab top. There are many Hotels in Hunza available for tourists. You are recommended to book at least 5-day Tour Package to Hunza for a better experience.


If you are planning a trip to Pakistan then Skardu should be in your checklist. Most popular spots in Skardu are Deosai, Astore, Rainbow Lake, Shigar, Khaplu, Manthoka Waterfall, Upper Kachura and Lower Kachura Lakes and many other cultural and heritage spots. For spacious and luxurious Hotels in Skardu contact us. You are recommended to plan at least for 7 days Tour Package to Skardu to have a hassle free trip to Pakistan.

Pakistan Tour Packages

Swat is a must-visit spot in Pakistan located in KPK province. Tourist attractions in Swat are zipline and skiing in Malam Jabba, the Local Bazar of Mingora city, the nightlife of Bahrain and breathtaking views of Mahodand Lake & Kondol Lake with the Ushu forest in Kalam. Thousand of Hotels options in Swat are available for tourists. Book your Tour Package to Swat through us to make your trip to Pakistan unforgettable.

Neelum Valley & Kashmir

Neelum Valley aka blue gem of Pakistan, became popular among tourists after 2010. In a short period of time, Neelum Valley boosted tourism in the valley just because of its natural beauty of Kutton waterfall, Bird’s eye view of Keran from Upper Neelum, Old university (Temple) ruins in Sharda, breathtaking view of Taobat and Arrang Kel. There are 2-star Hotels in Neelum Valley available everywhere in Neelum Valley. Book your Tour Package to Neelum Valley between the months of April and October to have a beautiful trip.

Murree & Galiyat

Murree and Galiyat have drive time of only 2 hours from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. That is the reason, it is full of tourists in every season. The most visited spots in Murree and Galiyat are Patriata, Pindi Point, Mall Road, Ayubia, Nathiagali, Khanspur and Pipe Line track. There are many Hotels in Murree available for tourists. You can book even a day Tour Package to Murree from Islamabad


Chitral Tour is famous for the culture of the Kailashi people. Attractions in Chitral are Bamburet, Garam Chisma and Kailash. There are many Hotels in Chitral available for tourists. You are recommended to book at least 5-day Tour Package to Chitral for a better experience otherwise you can book 4 days Chitral tour if you are short of time.

Pakistan Tour Packages

We offer Family tour packages, Honeymoon tour packages and group tour packages for your holiday & vocational trips. Book your tour packages to Pakistan through us at cheap rates. Our services include Transport, Accommodation, meal and excursion. You can avail of our Tour Packages services in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Swat, Kalam, Chitral, Kalash, Skardu, Deosae, Hunza, Gilgit, Baltistan, Naran, Kaghan, Shogran, Murree, Neelum Valley, Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot. Just give us a call to book your fully guided & managed tour packages.

Pakistans Geography

Pakistan, authoritatively the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is situated in Southern Asia. Its shore runs along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman; Pakistan is lined by India toward the East, China toward the Northeast, Afghanistan toward the North and Iran toward the West. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad, the second most beautiful capital in the world after London.

Some Facts regarding Pakistan Tourism Industry.

The measurement shows a conjecture of the assessed outright financial commitment of the travel industry in Pakistan until 2025. Arriving at 15,651.69 million U.S. is anticipated. Dollars by 2025. The shown information is a portion of Statista’s Key Market Indicators (KMI). The KMI are an assortment of essential and optional markers on the large-scale financial, segment and innovative climate in excess of 150 nations and locales around the world. All information is obtained from global establishments, public factual workplaces, and exchange affiliations. All information is handled to create similar datasets (Source: Statista ).

1. Pakistan is a fascinating country enriched with diverse culture and history.

Pakistan is a country with a rich culture. There are many different ethnic groups and 77 languages spoken in Pakistan. Pakistani culture is based on Islamic principles and Pakistani values. The main religions practiced in Pakistan are Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism.
Pakistan has a diverse range of cultural heritage. Pakistani architecture is a combination of Islamic, Persian, Turkish, and Indian influences. Pakistani music is a mix of South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian traditions. Pakistani literature is a mix of Persian, Urdu, and English.
Pakistan is home to many historical and cultural sites. The Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Mosque are two of the most well-known historical sites in Pakistan. The Lahore Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Badshahi Mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan.

2. There are a variety of interesting places to see in Pakistan, including the famous Pakistani cities of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Pakistan is a land of beauty and diversity, with plenty of places to visit and things to see. From the bustling metropolis of Karachi to the stunning mountain scenery of the north, there is everything for everyone in Pakistan.
Here are just a few of the places you could visit on your travels around Pakistan:
1) Karachi: Pakistan’s largest city is a bustling metropolis with a lively atmosphere. There is plenty to see and do here, from exploring the historic Old City to shopping in the many markets. Beach tourism in Karachi includes watersports, scuba diving, museums, exhibition centres like Karachi Expo, PIA Platinum etc.
2) Lahore: Pakistan’s second-largest city is a cultural hub, home to many historical and architectural landmarks. Be sure to visit the magnificent Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Mosque.
3) Islamabad: Pakistan’s capital city is a modern metropolis with a relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy, as well as numerous museums and art galleries.
4) Peshawar: A historic city located in the northwest of Pakistan. Peshawar is famous for food as well the most popular restaurant in Peshawar is Charsi Tikka.

3. Pakistan is also a great place to hike, cycle, and explore the country’s scenic villages and valleys.

Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic valleys in the world. From the stunning Hunza Valley to the breathtaking Swat Valley, there are a plethora of scenic valleys to explore in Pakistan.
The Hunza Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. Situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, the Hunza Valley is famed for its breathtaking landscapes and lush green fields. The Valley is also home to a number of ancient fortresses and ruins, making it a perfect destination for history buffs.
The Swat Valley is another must-visit destination in Pakistan. Located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the Swat Valley is home to a number of picturesque lakes, valleys and mountains. The Valley is also a popular destination for trekkers and adventure seekers, as it offers a number of challenging trails.
So, if youre looking for a breathtaking destination to add to your travel bucket list,

4. Tour operators in Pakistan offer a variety of interesting Pakistan Tour Packages,

including visits to mountain ranges, ancient ruins, and wildlife sanctuaries.
When it comes to planning a trip to Pakistan, there are a number of tour operators to choose from. Here is a list of some of the best tour operators in Pakistan:
This tour operator offers a wide range of tours to Pakistan, from city tours to mountain treks. They have a team of experienced guides who will show you the best of what Pakistan has to offer.
If you are looking to explore the stunning mountains of Pakistan, then is the tour operator for you. They offer a variety of trekking and mountaineering expeditions in the Pakistani Himalayas. offers a variety of adventure tours in Pakistan, from white-water rafting to Paragliding Adventure Tourism. offers cheap and best Pakistan tour packages.

5. Pakistan is a very safe country to visit

Pakistan is totally safe for tourism and tour operators offer a variety of safety precautions for visitors. The people are friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of things to see and do, and you can feel safe exploring the country. In previous last 10 years Pakistans tourism flourished and groomed under the umbrella of government. Pakistan was declared No. 1 Tourist Destination for 2020 in the world by a magazine published in UK.

6. Pakistan is a great place to explore on a budget, and tour operators offer a variety of affordable Pakistan tours.

Pakistan is a land of beauty, culture, and history. The country has something to offer everyone, from the bustling cities to the stunning mountain scenery. And, best of all, tourism in Pakistan is very economical.
There are a number of reasons why Pakistan is such a great value for tourists. First of all, the country is relatively unexplored, so there are no crowds or long lines at attractions. Secondly, Pakistan is a very large country, so there is a lot of ground to cover.
What does this all mean for tourists? Well, it means that you can see a lot of Pakistan for very little money. And, because the country is so large, you can tailor your trip to your own interests and budget whether you want to explore the ancient ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, trek through the stunning Himalayan Mountains.
If you are looking for economical tours then you are at right place as offers most economical Pakistan Tour Packages for various tailor made itineraries across Pakistan.

7. Famous Lakes in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of many natural wonders, and its lakes are no exception. Here are some of the most famous lakes in Pakistan.
1. Saif-ul-Muluk
Saif-ul-Muluk is a picturesque lake located in the northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan, and is fed by the melting glaciers of the Hindu Kush Mountains. Saif-ul-Muluk is a popular tourist destination, and is famed for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters. If you are fond of sailing you are recommended to visit the lake.
Google Map location
2. Ansoo Lake
Ansoo Lake is another stunning natural lake, located in the Himalayan region of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is one of the deepest lakes in Pakistan, and is renowned for its unique tear-shaped appearance. Ansoo Lake is a popular destination for trekkers and nature lovers, and is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.
Google map location
3. Manchar Lake
Manchar Lake is the largest lake in Pakistan
Google Map Location
4. Ratti Gali Lake
Ratti Gali lake is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. It takes only 11 hours of drive from Islamabad including 3 hours of Jeep Track from Dawarian. There is camping facility available just 1km before Ratti Galli Lake. Google Map location.

8. Tour Packages from Pakistan

Looking for the best tour packages from Pakistan? Look no further! We have got the perfect packages for you, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an adventurous trip, or a family vacation.
For the romantic getaway, we recommend our Kashmir Tour Package. This package includes a 5-day stay in a luxury hotel in Neelum Valley, the blue gem of Pakistan. You will also get to enjoy a private Jet-Ski ride on Sharda River, a visit to the Arrang kel Meadows, and a day trip to Taobat.
If you are looking for an adventure, our Hunza Valley Tour Package is perfect for you. This package includes a 4-day stay in the Hunza Valley, one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. You will get to trek to the top of Rakaposhi Peak, visit the Attabad Lake, and explore the ancient ruins of Altit and Baltit Fort.
For the family vacation, we recommend our Islamabad Tour Package. This package includes visit to Faisal Mosque, lunch at Monal, visit to Shakar Parian, Pakistan Monument and shopping in Centaurus Mall.
Other than mentioned above most famous tour packages in Pakistan are Swat Tour Packages, Naran Kaghan Tour Packages, Skardu Tour Packages, Kumrat Tour Packages, Chitral Tour Packages, Nathiagali Tour Packages and Neelum valley Tour Packages.

9. Top 5 Tourists Destinations in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a land of beauty and wonder, with plenty of tourist destinations to choose from. Here are our top 5 places to visit in Pakistan:

1) Islamabad – The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is a beautiful place with lot of greenery to visit with plenty of historical and cultural sites to see.
2) Lahore – The cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore is a must-visit for anyone interested in the arts and history.
3) Peshawar – A city steeped in history and culture, Peshawar is a great place depicting local culture and tradition of Pakhtoons.
4) Quetta – The capital of Pakistans Baluchistan province, Quetta is a beautiful city with plenty of natural attractions to explore.
5) Northern Areas Of Pakistan – A scenic wonderland, Gilgit, Baltistan, Sawat, Kalam and Ajk are perfect for those who love the outdoors and want to experience some of Pakistans most spectacular scenery and nature.

10.Tour packages from Karachi

Pakistan is a land of beauty, culture, and heritage. From the bustling city of Karachi to the stunning mountains of the northern areas of Pakistan like
• Islamabad
• Murree
• Galiyat
• Swat
• Naran
• Kaghan
• Neelum Valley
• Skardu
• Hunza
• Kumrat
• Chitral and Gwadar
There is so much to see and do in this amazing country. And, with so many different Pakistan tour packages available, its easy to find the perfect trip for you and your family.
Whether you are looking for an adventure-filled vacation or a more relaxed trip, there are variety of Pakistan tour packages to suit your needs. For those who want to experience the best of Pakistans culture and history, the Karachi and Lahore Heritage Tour is a great option. This eight-day tour takes you to some of the most iconic sites in both cities, including the Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, and the mausoleums of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.
If you are looking for a more
• Active vacation
• Staycation
• Package tour
• Holiday leisure
• Family Outings
• Excursion
• Package deal
• Getaway
• Minibreak
• Lecture tour
• Working vacation
• R and R
• Safari
• Summer camp
• House swap
• Safari holiday
• Honeymoon
• Walking tour
• Adventure travel
• Study tour
• Jeep safari
then Pakistan tour packages are perfect choice for you and is best of the best to accompany you.

Pakistan Honeymoon Tour Packages from Karachi, Lahore , Islamabad

Pakistan is a land of beauty and wonder, and there is no better way to experience it than on a honeymoon tour. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the pristine beaches of the Arabian Sea, Pakistan has it all. And with our Pakistan honeymoon tour packages from Karachi, you can experience it all with the one you love. Whether you want to explore the historical sites of Lahore or the natural beauty of Kashmir, we have a tour package that will suit your needs. We can also customize a tour package to suit your specific desires. So whether you want to spend your honeymoon hiking in the Himalayas or relaxing on the beach, we can make it happen. Pakistan is a truly unique and special place, and we want to help you make the most of your honeymoon. Contact us today to start planning your dream honeymoon tour. offer Honeymoon Tour Packages from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad towards Hunza, Neelum Valley, Naran Kghan, Swat, Skardu, Chitral, Kumrat and other nothern areas of Pakistan. If you are planning to travel to Pakistan and looking for Pakistan Trips or if you are searching for Honeymoon Tour Packages from Pakistan give us a call.

Discover the wonders of Pakistan with our exclusive tour packages tailored to fulfill your travel dreams. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Pakistan’s diverse landscapes, from the majestic mountains of the northern areas to the serene beaches of the coastline. Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon or an adventurous trip with friends and family, our Pakistan tour packages offer something for everyone. Explore iconic landmarks, experience vibrant cultures, and indulge in thrilling activities amidst breathtaking scenery. With options available from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and beyond, embarking on your dream Pakistan trip has never been easier. Let be your trusted companion in crafting unforgettable memories on your Pakistan tour.

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