Invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan Visa

Invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan Visa

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This article focuses on the Complete Guide to The Process to get Invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan Visa. But before we jump into the process, let’s get to know the invitation letter or the sponsor letter first.

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What is an Invitation Letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA?

Most of the countries in the modern world have shifted towards online visa processing instead of the older methods one had to go to the embassies physically and apply manually for everything. But the manual labor for visas is now a thing of the past since most countries have provided facilities for people thinking about travelling in for tourism purposes. But since that is a very hard task to keep records of every person applying online, so the modern solution to this problem is getting an invitation letter or sponsor letter from a registered and licensed tour operator company from the host country which someone is intending to visit.

A sponsor letter or invitation letter is a letter that can only be provided by a registered and licensed tour operator company like A Pakistan sponsor letter or invitation letter is basically a type of document that contains some basic information needed by the government of that particular country to check if that person wants to visit for tourism only. It usually contains the itinerary of the person and gives idea about which places the tourist wants to see.

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Why The Invitation Letter or Sponsor Letter for Pakistan VISA?

If you are a foreigner and live somewhere else besides Pakistan, you need VISA to enter Pakistan, and to keep a record of who gets the visa and which places you are interested in, you have to get a Letter by sponsor for Pakistan visa or sponsor Letter by operator recognized by DTS in Pakistan andmost common reason for rejrction of Pakistan VISA is the invitation letter issued by a hotel which doesn’t have a license. There’s a list of 192 countries whose citizens can even apply for Visa to Pakistan. An invitation letter gives authorities an idea about your purpose to visit. Hence, invitation letter/sponsor letter is one of the most important Requirements for Pakistan VISA.

Types of VISAs:

There are many types of VISA that one can apply for in order to get the entry into Pakistan. If you belong to any of the countries on the list, you should be able apply for the VISA. It’s a simple process that shouldn’t take very long to get approved, but that’s where the invitation letter or the sponsor letter comes in. You can apply either for Tourism VISA or for Business VISA and you need to have an invitation letter or the sponsor letter in order to apply for the visa. There are two categories of VISA for Pakistan in general:

  • Tourism Visa for tourism genuinely (visiting certain places/cities
  • Business VISA if you‘re thinking to expand your business into Pakistan.

Both of the VISAs require an invitation letter though. It is an important Pakistan VISA Requirement, and that can only be issued by a tour operator company of that particular country that has a proper license and is approved by the Government. That Tour Operator has to get the “itinerary” designed which is mentioned onto the letter. That Invitation letter/sponsor letter is then attached with the visa during online application process.

Guide to get the Invitation Letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA:


It is a very easy process and getting VISA for Pakistan is not as hard as getting a VISA for a European country but still one might have to take care of a few things so that the process goes smooth.

Following things need to be considered while applying for a VISA to Pakistan or getting an invitation letter ot sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA or What is POVs in Pakistan visa or What are the requirements for Pakistan Family VISA:

  1. Your Passport must be Valid for further 6 months than the date you would be landing in Pakistan, so check your passport expiring date while applying for an invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA.
  2. You should have a valid passport and it should not have been tempered in any way.
  3. You need to have scanned copies of all your important documents to make sure you do not face any problem while applying for an invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA.
  4. You need a “Proof of Legal Residence” document as well in case you are a citizen of some other country while currently living in another. For example, if you originate from France and have a French citizenship while currently living in USA, you need to provide Proof of Legal Residence while applying for the VISA to Pakistan.
  5. Your photo must be taken recently to the time of application i.e. it should not be older than three months than the time of application and the image should have enough resolution to express your facial features clearly just to make sure your application does not get rejected because of identification problems while applying for an invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA
  6. The email address that you would use for the application must be active and you should have to check regularly in case the Government of Pakistan replies to you back for some reason when you had previously applied for an invitation letter or sponsor letter for Pakistan VISA
  7. You should keep all the important documents in printed form in your hand carry while flying to Pakistan so you should be able to provide the Immigration Authorities in Pakistani airports with anything they ask for. You can also have peace of mind by storing all the important documents in PDF format in your regular use cell phone or laptop.

Hopefully we haven’t missed anything that you should remember while going through The Process of getting Invitation Letter/Sponsor Letter for Pakistan VISA by sponsor/operator recognized by DTS in Pakistan. Our company specializes in Hospitality and we have a perfect record of satisfied foreigner clients. Please call or text or WhatsApp us @ +923455889948 for further information or Trip Packages to Pakistan


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