Trip Packages from Islamabad

Trip Packages from Islamabad

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Trip Packages from Islamabad

are you thinking of Trip Packages from Islamabad?- The Federal Capital of Pakistan and one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia, is located in the center of Pakistan. Although it is far away from port city, Karachi, it is still accessible directly by all other provinces except Sindh. It is an ideal location to start your trip to northern areas in Pakistan.

Travel packages from Islamabad are suitable for all kinds of travelers and take you to some of the best destinations in the Northern region of Pakistan. So, whether you are looking for a Trip Package to Hunza Skardu, Trip Package to Naran Kaghan, Trip Packages to Swat Kalam or Trip Packages to Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir for a historic getaway with family and friends or with your beloved spouse, can help you do that.

Trip Packages to Hunza Skardu from Islamabad:

Well even if you’re coming from Karachi, Islamabad is the place where you would like to start your trip for Hunza Skardu or Gilgit. There are no direct flights from Karachi and very rare from Lahore. So, even if you’re taking flights to Skardu, PIA operates direct flights to Skardu International Airport daily. And flights from Islamabad are way cheaper than booking a flight from Karachi for Skardu. You can take a train from Karachi or sleeper bus from Karachi to Islamabad and direct flight to skardu from thereon. Otherwise, you can take a 7-hour drive to Naran, stay there for the night, then move to Skardu or Hunza crossing Babusar Top. In winter, you can follow Islamabad-Abbottabad-Bisham-Chillas route to reach Skardu or Hunza. So, if you’re coming from Karachi or Lahore, you still need to get through Islamabad.

Trip Packages to Naran Kaghan:

Isalamabad is also the center point to start your trip to Naran Kaghan or Shogran. It takes around 4 hours from Islamabad to Kiwai, then half an hour jeep ride to Shogran and 2 hours from Kiwai to Naran further. You can see Babusar Top, Lulusar Lake, Saif ul Malook Lake, Siri Paye, Lalazar lake etc from Naran and Shogran respectively.

Trip Packages to Neelum Valley from Islamabad:

Neelum Valley is also one of the most beautiful Places in Pakistan. It takes 4 hours from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad, then 2 hours to Keran, 2 hours further to Sharda and same on the way back. So Islamabad is the city to start your trip towrads Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir. Mashera Abbottabad is the alternate route to Muzaffarabad from Islamabad as well.

Trip Packages to Swat kalam from Islamabad:

Swat and Kalam are also accessible from Lahore, but you still need to pass through Islamabad. It takes around 3 and a half hours from Islamabad to Mingora, then 4 hours to Kalam and same for Malam Jabba.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you require a Trip Package to Hunza Skardu, Trip Package to Naran Kaghan, Trip Packages to Swat Kalam or Trip Packages to Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, you need to get through Islamabad. So, it is suggested by to stay in Islamabad for a day or 2 before you start your journey ahead to any of the afore mentioned places. For further information please call or whatsApp us at 03005889022.


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