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# Hunza Tour Packages 2022 Duration Price
5 8 DAYS HONEYMOON TO HUNZA AND SKARDU | Price | from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad|2022 8 Days 130000
6 Hunza Tour Packages from Karachi 12 Days 125000
7 Hunza Tour Package from Lahore 9 Days 135000
8 Hunza Tour Package from Islamabad. 5 Days 70000
9 Gilgit Hunza Tour Package 7 Days 90000
10 Skardu Hunza Tour Package 10 Days 115000
11 7 Days Tour To Gilgit Baltistan 7 Days 85000
12 Family Trip to Hunza 07 Days 99000
13 3 Day Trip to Hunza 03 Days 23000
14 Hunza Tour Package from Islamabad by Air 04 Days 45000
14 Hunza Honeymoon Tour Pacakge 07 Days 95000

How much does a trip to Hunza cost?

Normally Hunza Tour Package cost you PKR70000 for 5 days tour including Accommodation, Transportation with fuel for couple/two people.

Which month is best for Hunza?

Best time to visit Hunza valley is between April to November. Every season has its own charm to visit Hunza specially in Summer and Autumn.

How many days are enough for Hunza?

Though Five days are enough to visit Hunza valley but we would recommend at least 7 days for comfortable leisure tour.

How do I plan a trip to Hunza? offers you tailor made itineries as per your requirement. First night should be in Naran or Chilas if you are traveling from Islamabad. 2nd night should be in Hunza. For more details visit Hunza Tour Packages

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Roads Update on 24th of February 2022
The roads to Hunza are open for any vehicle Via Besham.

6 beautiful places to visit in Hunza

Hunza is another destination in the northern area of Pakistan mostly popular for tour packages. It is famous for its historical background, panoramic views, enchanting sceneries, lush green beauty, and pleasant weather. The Hunza valleys encaptivating beauty has led tourists from Pakistan and other countries to visit this paradise on earth. It takes approximately 13 hours nonstop the drive from Islamabad. The best time to visit the Hunza is from April to October but avoid visiting midsummers as the place becomes crowded.
Here, I am sharing some Best destinations to visit in Hunza, Pakistan.
Beautiful Destination to visit in Hunzav Karimabad
Altit Fort
Attabad lake
Borith Lake
Eagles nest viewpoint
Rakaposhi View Point
Karimabad is known as the capital of the Hunza. This place is famous for its most ancient houses and buildings. So, a tourist will see a wide range of cultural diversity in this region. Some of the exciting places a tourist can visit are Baltit fort, Channel walk, Queen Victoria monument, the Ulter Nala glaciers, etc.
Altit Fort
Altif Fort
Altit Fort is the masterpiece of the heritage and architect. On the way to Altit fort, you will come across beautiful gardens of different fruits, green grass, and beautifully designed architect. In the past, this fort was the home of a former prince but nowadays served as a museum.
Attabad Lake
Attabad Lake Hunza Tour Packages
In January 2010, due to the massive land sliding, a lake was formed, which was later named as Attabad village. After this, it becomes one of the biggest tourist attractions place in Hunza village. The crystal-clear water and the lovely weather makes it the most attractive and awe-inspiring place for local and international tourists. There are many activities for tourists, like boating, fishing, jet-skiing, and other recreational activities.
Borith Lake
Borith Lake Hunza Valley Lake Hunza Tour Packages
Borith Lake is located at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level. You can explore this lake while traveling to Gulmit valley. It is surrounded by the vast plains and covered by the Ghulkin Glaciers. Just like Attabad lake, there are many recreational activities at Borith lake for tourists.
Eagles Nest View Point
Eagles Nest view is located at the height of 1000 feet above the sea level. It is accessible from Hunza capital only at the Jeep drive of around 30 mins. The most beautiful experience they tourist can get is to stay there from dawn to dusk and witness the fabulous peaks of Rakaposhi.
Rakaposhi View Point
The word Rakaposhi means “shining wall.” Another beautiful spot is located at the Gulmat. Also known as the zero point and the best views of the Rakaposhi are the reason for your extended stay at Hunza. The immense mountain you make you pleasant, and you will forget every bad memory from your mind.
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We recommend you to avail our Honeymoon tour package to Hunza if you are newly married couple.


Lady Finger Hunza Tour Packages
If you want to take a break from your routine life, then you should plan a vacation to north of Pakistan specially if you have more than a week for leisure then Hunza Valley should be your top priority. Hunza valley is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. A trip to Hunza valley shall rehabilitate and energize you due to nature’s transition happening in Hunza from winters to spring. You will adore it in spring and summer but you will fall in love with its remarkable scenes in winters.
Passu Hunza Tour Packages


From Islamabad there is a distance of 700km to Hunza. You can take following routes: Islamabad-Naran-Chilas-Hunza or Islamabad-Besham-Dasu-Chilas-Hunza Naran remains closed due to heavy snowfall in winters, so you would need to follow the Besham route. Though it is longer than Naran-Babusar but its heavenly destination makes this long road trip worthy to go. In order to enjoy your travel to Hunza and to make most of it you must have a night stay either in Chilas or Naran. Otherwise it will be very tiring experience for you and you will reach Hunza with exhausted body. You can visit Hunza by air, as there is an airport available in Gilgit.
Sost Hunza Tour Packages

Hotels: has been offering its services to tourists in Hunza for many years. There are many hotels in Hunza being offered by with state of art services to make your trip unforgettable. Darbar hotel Hunza, Serena Hunza, Hill Top Hotel Kareemabad, Khunjerab Hotel Sost, Passu Hotel, Embassy hotel Hunza are most popular hotels in the valley.

Places to visit in Hunza:

Hunza and Nagar were two different states ruled by two brothers. Nagar is called land of snowy mountains. You can see Raka Poshi which is breathtaking sight. There are many other glaciers as well which remain iced throughout the year. In Hunza you must visit Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Eagles Nest,Ataabad lake, Karimabad, Sost, Passu and KhunjerabTop. Forts remind you the ancient history with the old architecture and preserved goods such as utensils and weapons. You will feel like you are wandering in old times and of course you can have a memorable photoshoot at forts as a prince or princess. Heading towards Khunjarab pass aka China border, Passu cones will astonish you with the unique and elegant natural structure. After one and half hour drive from Hunza you will reach Kunjarab pass and on the way you can have boating experience at Attaabad Lake. At Khunjrab pass you will find the highest paved international border crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakoram Highway i.e., 4,880m. Fairy Meadows & Hunza Tour Packages
In order to best explore Hunza in a you must have a plan of 5 days instead of a tour in hassle. As far as facilities are concerned, there is a small market available in Hunza where you can buy all necessities and traditional handicrafts. ATM of different banks are also available in Karimabad and Aliabad. There are many restaurants and fast foods offering local cuisines along with Pakistani and international food. iMusafir offers different tour packages to Hunza depending on your budget and duration (3 Days, 4 days, 5 Days, 6 day, 7 days tour packages).
If you are planning to visit Hunza with your family then its an ideal destination to spend time with your family. iMusafir offer a lot of Hunza Family Tour Pakcage by availing them, you can make those moments hasslefree and memorable. Poeple across pakistan including Multan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad prefer to visit Hunza Valley for their tour on affordable price.
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Where is Hunza Valley situated/located?

Hunza valley is located in the north of Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan region.

How can I reach Hunza valley from Islamabad?

From Islamabad you have two options to reach Hunza valley. The first one is take a flight to Gilgit airport and then 2 or 3 hours’ drive to Hunza valley. The other option is by road you can hire a rent a car from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to reach Hunza valley.

Is Road to Hunza is safe?

There are two routes of Hunza valley from Islamabad which are as follows.
1. Islamabad to Hunza via Naran Babusartop which is safe and short.
2. Islamabad to Besham via Dasu road

How far is Hunza valley from Islamabad?

Hunza valley is about 600 KM away from Islamabad.

How far is Naran from Hunza?

Hunza is about 8-10 hours’ drive from Naran.

How much time does it take to reach Hunza valley by road?

By road it almost takes 16 to 18 hours to reach Hunza valley.

What is the best time to visit Hunza valley?

Summer is an ideal and perfect time to visit Hunza valley. Recommended time to visit Hunza valley is between April to October.

What is the best time for a family holiday in Hunza valley?

The months between March and August are best to visit Hunza valley for a family tour. During this time tourists can enjoy the arrival of spring when the entire Hunza valley witnesses blooming of flowers.

Is it safe to travel with family to Hunza valley?

Yes, it is fully safe to visit Hunza valley with family. As a safety measure, we suggest to book your tour with expert and reliable tour operator.

Is credit card accepted in Hunza valley?

Yes, credit card accepted on selected hotels and restaurants in Hunza valley.

Luxury hotels to stay in Hunza valley?

Luxury hotels to stay in Hunza valley are as follows:
1. Luxus Attaabad Lake Resort
2. Dardar Hotel Hunza
3. Eagle nest hotel Hunza
4. Hard Rock Hotels and Resorts Hunza
5. Serena Hunza Inn

Will my mobile phone work in Hunza valley?

Yes, all mobile networks work in Hunza valley.

Which network works in Hunza valley?

All mobile networks work in Hunza valley but the best and recommended is Telenor.

What are the best places to visit in Hunza Valley?

The best places to visit in Hunza valley are
1. Altit fort
2. Baltit fort
3. Eagle nest
4. Rakaposhi View Point
5. Attabad Lake
6. Hussaini Bridge
7. Passu Cones
8. Pak-China border
9. Nagar Valley
10. Hoper Valley and Hoper Glacier

What are the day trip destinations from Hunza valley?

The best day tour destination from Hunza valley is Naltar valley which is almost 130 KM away from Hunza valley and takes 2/3 hours to reach Naltar valley from Hunza.

What are the best places to visit in Naltar valley?

The best places to visit in Naltar valley are
1. Naltar valley
2. Naltar lake
3. Satrangi Lake
4. Blue Lake

Any best hotel to stay in Naltar valley?

Yes, Naltar continental is the best hotel to stay in Naltar valley.

How do I get to Naltar valley?

Naltar valley is located between Hunza and Gilgit. To reach Naltar valley one can hire jeep from Gilgit or Hunza or can hire jeep from Nomal (gateway of Naltar valley).

Do you have any suggestions for honeymoon couples?

Hunza valley is known as the best destination for honeymoon tours in Gilgit Baltistan. There are many places and experiences for honeymoon couples in Hunza valley. Amongst the many, two things that honeymooners must not miss in Hunza valley are a night stay in Luxury Luxus Attabad lake resort and a photo shoot under the shadow of Passu Cones. Apart from this, for honeymooners, Altit valley, Nagar valley and Eagles nest are a must visit places.

Can we do overnight camping in Hunza valley?

Yes, camping sites are available in Hunza valley. The most beautiful camping sites of Hunza valley are as follows:
1. Attabad lake
2. Eagle nest
3. Mianpin Valley
4. Borith Lake
5. Passu

Is Hunza valley is safe for trekking tours?

Yes, Hunza valley is safe for trekking tours. It is recommended to book trekking tour of Hunza valley with an experience tour guide.

Do your Hunza valley family tour has something for kids also?

Yes, offers several activities like horse riding, boating for kids in Hunza family tours.

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