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Skardu Tour Packages
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Your choice to spend your vacation time tells our taste and interest. If you are an admirer of natural beauty, serenity and wilderness than your choice for vacation can be in the extreme north of Pakistan where Skardu is located in in Gilgit Baltistan region.
Bara Pani Deosai Skardu tour Packages
One can reach Skardu by road or by air. It is almost 650km distance from Islamabad by road which takes around 15 hours of continues drive. However by air one can reach Skardu just in one hour but flights are available only in sunny and clear days. Those who wants to experience travelling over Karakram Highway they opt to travel by road and on their way they find beautiful landscape with mountains, several streams and springs.
Chaqchand Masjid Khaplu Skardu tour Packages

Routes by Road

Islamabad-Naran-BabusirTop-Chilas-Skardu Islamabad-Besham-Dasu-Chilas-Skardu
Deosai Skardu tour Packages
In summer you can visit Skardu via Naran as it is short as compared to Besham route. But in winters, as Babusir Top remains closed so you will have to drive through Besham Dasu Chilas which is comparatively longer route than Naran. Also road condition to Skardu is not good, as it is under constructionhowever it is extremely rewarding road trip as it ends up to the valley which has paths to some of the world’s highest mountains
Katpana Skardu tour Packages

Hotels in Skardu

A Skardu has become a great tourist attraction that’s why there are many hotels and guest houses are available to facilitate tourists. iMusafir.pk offers a large variety of hotels in Skardu suiting your budget and standard.
Khaplu Skardu tour Packages
Mostly booked hotels are Serena Shigar Skardu, Mashabrum Hotel Skardu, Serena Hotel Khaplu Palace, Shangrila Resorts Skardu, Tibet Motel Skardu. iMusafir.pk along with these hotels provides all basic amenities to make your vacation comfortable and memorable.
Lower Kachura Skardu tour Packages
There are many restaurants available in Skardu offering multiple cuisines.

Places to visit in Skardu:

Deosai Plains, Fairymeadows, Katpana Cold Desert, Bara Pani, Shigar Fort, Khaplu Palace, Manthoka Waterfall Skardu, Upper and Lower Kachura Lake Skardu, Satpara Lake and CHAQCHAN Mosque in Khaplu are most frequently visited tourists spots in Skardu.
Manthoka Waterfall Skardu tour Packages
It is definitely hard to miss the breathless sight of the valley from the fort on a full moon night. The view of sunset is equally unforgettable moment in mountains as the afterglow remains for several minutes. You can not feel it unless you do not witness it. The Katpana cold desert has a strange attraction which you don’t find anywhere else. The sand dunes in Katpana village, also known as cold desert, are a wonder in itself. Strong winds shift the dunes as quickly as nomads. At this high altitude and cold region, this desert holds strange attraction.
Sarfaranga Cold Desert Skardu tour Packages

Best time to visit Skardu:

Skardu is worth visiting throughout the year however due to extreme weather conditions summer (between April to October) is best time to visit Skardu. In winters normal temperature falls down to -18. So it is recommended to visit Skardu in summer than winters. But if you want to feel the crunching over the fallen leaves that cover the both side of roads in autumn then you can visit in October & November as well. Autumn colors, silent arrival of winters and a cup of coffee with your travel partner make a memorable combination especially when you are on honeymoon.
Sheosar Lake Skardu tour Packages
iMusafir.pk is leading tour operator in Skardu Valley offering different range of tour packages including 3 Days to 7 days tour packages to Skardu. Skardu is not only an ideal destination for newly married couples and families but companies and corporate groups also arrange their recreation trips or seminars in Skardu.


Where is Skardu? Or What country is Skardu in?

Skardu is a city located in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Skardu is the capital of Skardu District.

How far is Skardu from Gilgit?

Skardu is around 140 Km away from Gilgit city.

How do I get to Skardu?

There are three ways to reached Skardu.
1. By KKH – Islamabad to Besham > Chilas > Jaglot > Gilgit > SKardu
2. Via Astore Deosai road – Islamabad to Besham > Chilas > Astore > Deosai > Skardu
3. By Air Islamabad to Skardu

Is there any airport in Skardu? Which airline goes to Skardu?

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operate daily one flight to Skardu from Islamabad.

How far is Hunza from Skardu?

Hunza is around 290 KM away from Skardu valley.

Where is Hunza Valley situated/located?

Hunza valley is located in the north of Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan region.

How far is Skardu from Islamabad?

Skardu is around 650 KM away from Islamabad.

What is the best time to visit Skardu?

The months between June to October are considered best time to visit Skardu valley.

When does it snow in Skardu valley?

Ideally, snowfall begins in the upper party of Skardu from the month of October. In the lower regions of the valley, snowfall begins in the month of December.

Is Skardu is safe for tourists?

Yes, Skardu is absolutely safe for any kind of tourists’ i.e. solo family, adventure etc.

What are the best places to visit in Skardu?

Best places to visit in Skardu are as follow.
• Lower Kachura Lake
• Upper Kachura Lake
• Katpana Lake and Desert
• Sadpara Lake
• Bara Pani Deosai
• Kala Pani Deosai
• Sheosar lake Deosai
• Sarfranga Cold Desert
• Shigar fort
• Embaric Mosque
• Khaplu Valley
• Manthoka Waterfall
• Kharmang Waterfall
• Chaqchan Mosque
• Khaplu Palace
• Haji Mustaq Fish Farm
• Blind Lake

What are the most peaceful places to visit in Skardu valley?

Skardu valley is altogether is a peaceful destination to visit, however, its less-crowded parts like, Khaplu, Shigar and Deisai can guarantee the most peaceful holiday.

How far is Khaplu from Skardu?

Khaplu valley is around 111 KM away from Skardu valley.

How far is Shigar from Skardu?

Shigar valley is around 51 KM away from Skardu valley.

How many minimum days are required to visit Skardu?

Minimum 7-10 days are required to visit Skardu, Deosai and Khaplu valley.

What are the best destinations for school picnic/camping tour in Skardu valley?

Shangrila Lake, Shigar valley, and Khaplu valley are some of the best places for school picnic/camping tour in Skardu valley.

What are popular historic places to visit in Skardu valley?

Shigar fort, Khaplu fort, Chaqchan Mosque, Embaric Mosque and Budha rocks are some of the most popular and historic places to visit in Skardu valley.

How to book Skardu valley tour Packages with iMusafir.pk?

Booking a Skardu tour package with iMusafir.pk is quite simple. Visit our website, check our Skardu holiday packages and select the one you like. Further, follow the steps to complete booking or call us at +92 345 5889948.

What is included in your Skardu tour packages?

For foreign visitors, our Skardu valley tour packages, include all the services like transport, accommodation, sightseeing, tours, transport and excerpt local guide.

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Emergency Numbers in Skardu

Tourist Assistance Helpline at Central Police Office: 0581115/05811930345

Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Police Gilgit: 05811930033

Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Hunza-Nagar: 0581315/ 05813930722

Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Diamer: 05812930037

Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Skardu:05815930132

Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Astore: 05817930420

Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Ghanche:05816930171